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by Dominik Syka

Improvements in the mobile devices have been occurring at faster pace – be it performance wise, storage and applications wise. A mobile device has become most important and common communication platform these days. Since many different kinds of mobiles and its applications are available in market, it is of utmost importance to monitor mobiles. The manufacturers and developers are able to test and monitor the content of each mobile and its applications as well as the services.

The corporate houses are also providing wireless devices to their employees so that they can remain connected every time. Enterprise Mobility Outsourcing has added a high importance to Smartphones. The need to stay mobile on the go has added a powerful platform to Smartphones and tablets, enabling them to do almost everything that a laptop can do. This is the reason some of the enterprises allow their employees to bring their own devices (BYOD). Now this concept of BYOD brings with it so much of flexibility, but also has a lot of risk involved in it. While these wireless devices enhance the productivity of both an employee and an organization they also bring some of following security threats:

E-mail access
LAN network connection
Peer to peer connectivity
PC to mobile connections and vice-versa.

To overcome these above mentioned threats is very important as corporate data has lot of value and no enterprise would want its important data to go out of its premises.

There is one solution to it and that is mobile device management solutions.

This mobile device management is being used everywhere. Mobile data security has become very crucial these days and for this enterprise mobile device management is the best possible solution. Mobile Device Management software monitors, secures the device from unnecessary messages and calls and supports all other mobile devices which are deployed throughout the other service providers and mobile businesses.

Device Management has not left any field as in it is very popular for Android and Blackberry devices these days. More and more phones and tablets are entering the workplaces which are based on Android Operating System. Both company-owned and employee-owned devices are connecting to corporate networks.  All the devices being used are generally based on Google’s Android and RIM’s Blackberry OS and all of them are Smartphones. So this enterprise mobile device management revolves around the device security.

Features of Enterprise Mobile Device Management Solutions are as follows:

Remote Lock and Wipe
Easy installation and un-installation of software’s and applications
Configuration of mobile devices through Over-The-Air (OTA)
Remote Access
Remotely diagnose the problem and rectifies it then and there works as a scanner for deployed devices

The author is discussing about the Mobile device management Solutions in this particular article. KocharTech is one of the leading company offering Enterprise Mobile Device Management solutions.

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