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by Els Ossos NATURA de la Berta

Cooking has always been a prime focus of any household. People love to cook and eat gourmet food right in their homes. However, for cooking gourmet food, you need to have right equipment. In this age, we are blessed to have a wide range of modern kitchen appliances and gadgets that perform any cooking related tasks in lesser time, lesser energy consumption and lesser efforts. Kitchen gadgets like Electric Cookers, Electric Chimneys, Toasters, ovens,hobs and others things make your life easier.

Electric cookers

An electric cooker is a modern kitchen gadget that makes cooking fun and easier. It is powered by electricity and used for heating and cooking for food.An electric cooker usually has four stoves and one or two ovens.It has knobs to set the temperatures of ovens and stoves. There are many types of electric cookers including rice cookers, toaster ovens, slow cookers and hot plates. Each of them performs a different job.You can cook perfect rice with rice cooker and at the same time, save your time without making it a mess.Slow cookers are right choice for busy families tat like to eat fast food often.


Toasters are the small but very useful kitchen appliances.These appliances toast the different types of bread products. A normal two slice toaster can use anything between 600W to 1200W to toast in 1 to 3 minutes. There are non-electrical toasters too that toast a bread when kept upon fire. There are basically two types of toasters; regular and convection toasters. If you simply want to toast your bread, go for regular toaster and if you want more than toasting such as roasting and dehydrating, consider a convection toaster.Regular toaster is cheaper and smaller in size than the convection toaster.

Electric Chimneys

Electric chimneys are fast becoming the important item in the Kitchen, especially in Indian kitchens where cooking is a steaming and fuming affair.

Electric chimneys are the sophisticated kitchen appliances that remove away all the smoke, fumes, vapors and odors from the kitchen when food is being cooked. There are different types of chimneys are available having variety of feature. You can choose a chimney in a price range of INR5, 000 to INR 1, 10,000.If you want a chimney with advanced features, you will have shell out more money. Better the features and better the quality; you will enjoy the chimney for longer period.

Apart from these appliances, there are several other appliances too that can make your kitchen in a sophisticated culinary lab.

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