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After a business owner has hired an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist to assist with the complicated process of optimizing their website they often believe that the job is done. Nothing could be further from the truth. In addition to optimization and all its related processes, it is equally important to develop and implement eCommerce solutions.

Working with an SEO company that has an in-house eCommerce specialist may be the most time and cost effective way of achieving this goal.

ECommerce has been around since the 70′s, and can be traced back to the first electronic transactions. Today’s eCommerce world is more technologically advanced, specifically aimed at selling products and services online to individual consumers as well as businesses.

To be successful, every online business must optimize their website for greater visibility and higher rankings. They must also make sure that the online shopping experience simple and painless for the customer. This is where an eCommerce specialist steps in.

Remember that website visitors will spend less than ten seconds on a page before deciding to either close out or continue browsing. This abrupt initial test makes it critical for eCommerce systems and tools to be integrated, complete and user friendly.

A qualified eCommerce specialist will encourage an online business owner to implement several critical systems. Today, these systems are so popular and wide-spread that not implementing one would be detrimental to the conversion rate of any website.

Shopping Cart: An easy to use shopping cart feature is required and should be user & Google friendly and interactive. Customers should quickly see how to add or delete items to the shopping cart. Other interactive features such as a subtotal of items and suggested items list make the shopping cart an even more powerful eCommerce tool.
Customer Convenience: An eCommerce specialist understands that in a world of instant gratification, everything has to be easy for the customer. Creating one-page check-outs, log-ins, security and advanced payment options means added convenience for the customer and can be the difference between a conversion and a lost sale.
Updates and Development: Technology is constantly evolving and it is safe to assume that eCommerce as it stands today will be much different than eCommerce tools and practices five years from now. As technology changes, it is critical that a qualified eCommerce specialist constantly modifies their existing eCommerce plan.

An optimization specialist assists an online business owner with increasing the visibility of a website, and an eCommerce specialist makes conversion quick and easy. Working with someone that is familiar with the latest trends in eCommerce is the most effective way to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for the visitor.

Take your business to the next level by contacting us today. We have seasoned eCommerce specialists that can help you create the perfect shopping environment and reach the ROI & profits you deserve.

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