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by Sergey Galyonkin

Car games are the latest preoccupation of people, especially children and youngsters. The game is no doubt good fun and entertainment. At the same time, the risks associated with the innocent-looking game should be explored and understood.

First of all, it has been noticed that the captivating racing games are addictive. The person sits glued to his seat for hours and hours forgetting the entire world. He/she is not aware of what is happening around them. It is important for little children to get outside and engage in activities to refresh their mind and provide exercise to their body. Obesity is a big problem of modern world. The number of obese children and health problems related to obesity is highly on rise.

Restricting themselves to the house, or even worse in front of TV, computer, play station etc will cut them out of social life. It has been found, the relation ship between parents and children has been greatly affected due to these addictive games. Too much of car racing games pull back children in studies as well as from sports.

Youth, undoubtedly is being wasted on these racing car games, which provide at-the-moment pleasure to the player. Precious time which has to be utilized for improving life is wasted on such frivolous games. The aggressive nature of the racing car games also leaves a doubt among many, as to how it will affect young minds. In the game, winning is the only concern of the players. Way to win the game is not important. You can hit cars, other players or anything, and make a clean escape!

It is natural for responsible persons to be concerned, if this aggressive attitude exhibited in the play will affect youth in real life circumstances also. Can you imagine a world where people have no concern for anything or anyone else except themselves? We expect our youth to be considerate, kind and loving towards everyone and everything. Money should be respected and it should be earned in the proper way. Hitting and destroying other cars, even if it is in the game might create a destructive mentality among children, youngsters and even adults.

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