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Yesterday afternoon, Hubei Province Science and Technology Award Conference 2009 held in Wuchang, the General Assembly granted a total of 291 science and technology awards, Wuhan, Associate Dean of Science and Technology, Professor Xu Weilin textile and academic leaders of the “Outstanding Contribution Award of Science and Technology”, when he wore a dark blue color suit, standing in center of the rostrum, from the Party Secretary Luo Qingquan took the hands of award certificates and 1 million prize, the audience applauded.
Provincial Committee, Governor Li Hongzhong on behalf of the provincial government to address the Assembly, Provincial Standing Committee of the Chang-Er, Provincial Standing Committee, Publicity Minister Li Chunming, Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the Organization PAN Li-Gang attended the meeting and for the prizes to the winners, Provincial Standing Committee, Vice Governor Li Xiansheng over the Assembly, Vice Governor Guo Sheng-lian, reading the “Provincial People’s Government on science and technology awards in 2009 the decision.”
Professor Xu Weilin, 41, he presided over bloated developed to solve issues such as down jackets, “a short and efficient process embedded composite spinning technology” was “2009 State Scientific and Technological Progress Award.” This is also the only country with independent intellectual property rights of new spinning technology. The technology used in Shandong Ruyi Group, the new value of 2.56 billion yuan for the company, now in Hubei and Jiangsu and the popularization and application.
It is understood, Hubei Science and Technology Award for Outstanding Contribution award since 2000, is the highest level of science and technology awards in Hubei Province. Recognition of the meeting, “Innovation of the Three Gorges hydroelectric generating set with giant Domestic Practice” results by Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award Grand Prize, award 500,000 yuan.
He developed a set of cloth to do the value of more than 10 million suit
Wearing a dark blue suit, stood under the spotlight of the Wei-Lin Xu especially impressive. The suit is the application that he developed “a short and efficient process embedded composite spinning technology” make the fabric and processing, the media, he said happily: “You Feel, compared to the traditional suit and more light, Such suits are exported to foreign countries, prices have reached a more than 10 million. “
Wei-Lin Xu also said that would 1 million prize money for scholarships.
Occupation of fiber science Heights
Very warm down jacket winter wear, but many people suspect it is too bloated. “Efficient short process embedded composite spinning technology” can solve the trouble, the project can be woven into light sliding down fibers of high-grade fabrics, both warm and beautiful. Also solved the wool, linen and other textile raw fiber to spinning and other problems. It is with this technology, Wei-Lin Xu for the 2009 State Science and Technology Progress Award, has become the highest in Hubei Science and Technology Prize.
The technology is also well received in international attention, the U.S. Fiber Society of Fiber Science and the 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award Wei-Lin Xu, which is the first time Chinese scholars received the award. Italians have been leading position in spinning technology, learn Chinese this technology, have said the unthinkable. “They did not understand that China will occupy the high ground in this technology.” Wei-Lin Xu said.
Previously did not like the textile
Few people know, Wei-Lin Xu such an innovation made outstanding contributions to the scientists, there was no love textiles. “When I do not like new to the textile, that this is a woman do it, but later found that science, from hate to love, and in-depth study.”
However, since studies in the textiles, some staff found that Wei-Lin Xu’s office from the office, laboratory until the car, every minute is very precious. Busy in the Wei-Lin Xu difficult to take account of the family, about his family, he believes he owes a lot: “My child is small, sometimes complaining lover in general is very supportive.”
After the clothes can be charged
Eyes of many people, the textile industry is a sunset industry, science and technology content is low. However, Wei-Lin Xu does not agree with this way of saying, “The textile industry is an important livelihood industry in China, more important, in fact, did not lag behind the industry, only behind the technology.” He believes that every discipline to use emerging technologies to transform and enhance the academic, upgrading and penetrate into other areas.
Textile technology needs before the 12 mm or more materials can spinning, and many bits of cloth, yarn waste down, but “efficient short process embedded composite spinning technology” has solved the problem.
Wei-Lin Xu did not stop his feet, is the pursuit of new heights. He is leading his team focused on resolving the textile industry, some of the core technical problems. Textiles used in interdisciplinary research is an important area of his current, he said: “We are used to achieve a number of interdisciplinary textiles, biomedical textiles made materials, artificial skin, blood vessels, surgical sutures, protective clothing, will lead the field of textile technology to the difficult. “
Wei-Lin Xu described a blueprint for journalists: If my research success in the future the way you walk, you can charge with clothes.

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