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On November 15, 2001, Xbox console started selling on the United States market firstly; the next year was put on sale in Asia power games nations, Japan, on February 22. Soon afterwards, Xbox console appeared in North America, Europe, Australia; Asia, Korea, Singapore, and China’s Hong Kong and Taiwan video game market.

Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s second generation home video game console was November 22, 2005 on sale in North America beginning, later extended to Europe and Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan was March 16, 2006 officially for sale.As follow, xbox 360 controllers online store will share you with the game console battle history.2001, one of the most memorable year in game’s history. It was the hardest time for SEGA, whose DC had to stop production; and SEGA announced its withdrawal from the game console market. As a result, SCEI has lost a competitor, then it seems the console battle also came to an end and it should be relieved . However, the reality is still competitive: soon, after DCSEGA announced the stop production of DC, Microsoft, as the leader in the PC industry , announced in the media began to enter the console market ,and begin its development XBOX console. On the next year of February 11, Microsoft XBOX officially started selling on game market.

Although PS2 Worldwide sales has exceeded 20 million when Xbox console just started enter the USA market, Xbox console did give huge pressure to all the game console manufacturer. Microsoft held a grand midnight the first sale of the Xbox activities in New York and San Francisco respectively, and Bill Gates visited Times Square, and handed the first Xbox to enthusiastic players personally on 0:01, and experienced the Xbox charm with players together.

Generally Speaking, Sony’s empire in the field of gaming is taking shape; Sony has become the biggest winner of TV video game industry. Even with the appearance of Xbox in 2001, history and facts prove that, PS2 is the most successful game console.

Currently, who will become the final winner in the next-generation the console battle? We have no idea, but we can tell the crucial factors ,judge from previous generations of console battle, is not game console’s function, but whether third-party software vendors support or not. Therefore, the more game developers to support, the more possible games console will be final winner.Know more about xbox 360 remote controller, Please contact author Ben

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