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by twilsie

Article by Maxi Media Matters

If you are in need of a repair facility for your PlayStation 3 console then do the right thing and research what is on offer in terms of repairing this mean machine, and although many will tell you to ‘have a go’ yourself this is a risky business and can land you in hot water and set you back to square one.

Your PlayStation 3 may be encountering a few problems for example the most talked about fault the YLOD (yellow light of death), not reading games or movies, freezing, not accepting discs, hard drive errors, no video, and sad to say more.

It is fair to say despite some of these faults gamers all over the world stand by their PlayStation 3 console, and is more likely to seek a good repair solution then dump it and switch to another console, which will not give the same entertainment value.

What a disappointed gamer should be looking for is a ‘one stop’ PlayStation 3 repair service that will not only give a fast turnaround but value for money. There are plenty of services out there that can handle repairs to your PS3, but what exactly are you looking for?

A company that looks at your console and diagnoses the problem without hassle, and more importantly right here right now, offer to repair your PlayStation 3 the same day, and at a cost that you will be amazed at.

You just want to get back to gaming; after all you have the most sophisticated games console on the market and to be without it is painful. You have gone through thick and thin with Sony, and kept the faith, but having said that if the console is sent back to Sony for a repair, it will cost you maybe an arm and a leg, also you may be without it for some weeks, and this does not bear thinking about.

You need to find a PlayStation 3 repair facility pronto, we all expect a lot when it comes to services provided by a company, and it does not matter what you buy, if something goes wrong you expect prompt attention and if appropriate at a cost that does not break the bank.

A spokesman for PS Pros a top notch PS3 repair service said “customers bringing their consoles to us have no worries, we offer a same day PlayStation 3 repair service, in fact we offer a while you wait service out of our convenient London location, yes that is right we can fix your system TODAY while you wait, in under one hour, most of our repairs are completed in 30 minutes or less, not local? No problem, go online and click on our mail in services, we can pick up your console and deliver back and it will still be repaired same day. Repairs start at a flat rate of £30 and come with a 90 day warranty, we have the best price, and offer the absolute best service guaranteed”.

If you are a serious gamer with a problem, do the right thing and seek a good reputable repair service, that can not only do the repair the same day, but keep costs down to a minimum.

For further information visit: http://www.ps-pros.co.uk

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