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by groovehouse

Technology is ruling the modern world with new inventions and innovations emerging everyday. Communication technology is growing robust and has made the globe into a global village. Cell Phone has brought all people together linked with their near and dear ones anytime at fingertips. Mobile Phone has also been playing major role in sales and marketing and promotion of products. Cellular Phone has taken its new avatar with advanced video conferencing and face to face talk. Cell Phone, Mobile Phone or Cellular Phone all mean the same but called in different names.

Wireless phones are those phones which work without chord or cable. Cell phone comes in the same category. The price of the cellular phone calls is a matter of concern. Calling rates vary from service providers depending on choice of users tariff and plan. There are services by ACN digital phone service which make call rates cheaper. The user should register in ACN and download the mobile application through using GPRS, internet on their phone. Then after installing make the calls to any service networks Cellular phone or Wireless Phone, at cheaper rates. This concept has made the mobile Phone users to have unlimited talk with loved ones.

There are Home Phone services by ACN where one can buy the device that has high technology of video calling and conferencing. This service is more useful for business requirement purposes. But home phone services by ACN are preferred by most for their best service and tariff plans that comes in users budget. Digital phone technology first came in cable format and then in simple wireless format to now Video Phone. Digital phone technology has brought the whole world on palm with 3G and 4G technology breaking all the norms of limited speeds to high speed connectivity and uninterrupted services. Mobile Phone has given man all the possible entertainment from non stop talking to listening music, FM stations, downloading songs, videos and movies and also the digital games.

Like mobile phone technology providing entertainment in mobility in palm size, Direct TV and Dish Network are doing in Homes. Dish Network and Direct TV have changed the home into Movie Halls or theatres. Direct TV brings high definition picture quality that receives signals from satellites. The technology is providing unending forms of entertainment with Direct TV and Dish Network customers can opt for the required channels they watch and pay only for them. There are educational channels which can be taken if children are at home as a helping tool in their studies. There was a time when there was cable network where the tv channels were provided for which you had to pay all together and there was no option of your choice. The technology has also made watching TV channels in Cellular Phone which has separate tariffs and charges applicable by the network provider.

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