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by Dale Gilbert Jarvis

The disadvantages associated with audio books in CD formats such as length, costs and convenience, can now be eliminated by a better option: to have them in downloadable digital formats.

In other words, having audio books in digital formats now defies the limitations and disadvantages that both audiocassettes and CDs have.

One of the most important benefits of audio books in downloadable digital formats is the instantaneous nature in which an audio book can get from the producer to the customers.

For example, as soon as an audio book is produced, it can get to the hands of the customer within mere minutes in a downloadable digital format, but this can’t happen with audiocassette tapes and CDs.

Also, the cost to the producer is very low, unlike the cost associated with audiocassettes and CDs. This means downloaded MP3 audio books are also cheaper than their physical counterparts.

All of these are big advantages, but below are some of the biggest disadvantages of audio books in downloadable digital formats and how to solve them:

Bandwidth problems: Unlike how easy it is to download music on the Internet, it isn’t as easy to download complete audio books – because of their size.

While a musical song can be just 4 minutes long and take very little time to download, an audio book of about 3 hours would take far longer to download – depending on the Internet connectivity of the person downloading.

As serious as this disadvantage seems, below are ways to still enjoy your audio books in downloadable digital formats, despite this problem:

Solution to the Bandwidth problems: This problem can be solved with a little forethought. For example, you can start the download and go out to work or go to bed. When you return or awake, the download would be completed.

Or if you have slow Internet connection at home, you can look for alternative locations to download the audio books. If you have faster Internet connectivity in the office, you can do the download there.

Do ensure that you are allowed to do that in the office. In other words, talk to your employer about this first to be sure it is acceptable. After downloading the audio book you can then take it with you via a zip disk or a flash disk to listen to at home.

Another solution to bandwidth and downloading problems is to take the time to search for and select audio book formats that are specially made for people who have low-bandwidth Internet connections. These formats are usually those with the highest compression ratio – thereby making the download lighter and faster.

MP3DigitalBooks.com provide three different quality levels and therefore download times so you can choose the most appropriate for your needs. Even the smallest download file still gives you superb sound quality, but if you want you can go back and download a higher quality version later.

It should be realized that large audio books are split in to a number of smaller files which also helps counter any download problems. You can start listening to your audio book once the first section has been downloaded and obtain the other files later.

MP3DigitalBooks.com has thousands of instantly downloadable audiobooks, including regular special offers and free titles. Join our mailing list or affiliate program at www.mp3digitalbooks.com


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