Digital Audio Radio Network Construction And Application – Digital Audio Networks, Switches, Hard

Digital Audio
by Dexter Panganiban

Abstract: According to the Shaoyang Radio digital sound network program applications, from digital sound network development base, program configuration, program processes, program functionality and program attributes like a detailed introduction to the network construction and applications, digital sound network program covers the radio edit, provide and broadcast all aspects, permitting broadcast standard sound purchase, non-linear modifying programs, network resources, centralized administration and network broadcast.

With the development of digital development, utilizing digital processing of sound data has become a radio speech processing an inevitable trend, content storage, creation, digital sound broadcast in 1 network has been adopted by numerous radio stations. The concept of the network completely broke past a tape recorder, an editor program, a broadcast program, the conventional structure, but changing recording station, pipeline stations and broadcast stations in the task, simple surgery and administration. System recording, system formulation and broadcast stations in the different functions to complete, is doubled boost efficiency.

A program technologies base Server as the principal sound program, provide full play to the blessings of hard drive storage, tape recorders and additional equipment to avoid a failure due to the impact of broadcast, provide full play to the superiority of multi-channel resource sharing, conveniently among the different programs compilation series broadcast and numerous spots, time control and administration amongst the broadcast to show the shape of compressed files stored in the hard drive, you are able to conserve up without distortion, all programs within the creation, modifying upload port, which simplifies creation from to the broadcast workflow, assisting boost the function efficiency. Massive hard drive storage development, networking technologies is the digital sound network technologies base.

(1) hard drive storage mode In this program, the RAID mirrored backup hard drive kept out. Cases of redundant range of independent disks RAID (RedundantArrayofIndependent

Disks) technologies is the computer’s SCSI development, developed found on the basis, and is composed of the quantity of hard drive controller with a big capability, quick reaction, excellent security storage subsystems, within the consumer to find as a logical drive or the online drive, which greatly improves information transfer rate and storage ability, while utilizing mistake correction development to heighten storage security.

RAID-1, sometimes known as “mirroring”, that is totally replicated by double drive way to safeguard information, prevent information reduction caused by hard drive failures and program interruptions, the 100% information redundancy is attained quick healing. Of full image backup, and significant security.

(2) Network Technology Audio compression file as a tiny amount of information, significant speed information transmission, found on the computer bus and network bandwidth stress is comparatively little, thus utilizing the Ethernet network program set up digital sound, and Ethernet is the latest mature network, program administration is perfect, the cost is reasonably low, thus the program utilizes Ethernet.

2, program Shaoyang Radio consider the actual condition, the program consists of 3 recording stations, 3 system pipeline station, 2 sets of broadcast stations, 108GB

SCSI drive range mistake tolerance of the network host along with a 24-port Ethernet switch (Switch) component. The network structure shown in Figure 1.

Three workstations are associated to a recording mixer, mixer and CD, MD, DAT, deck, starting machine, microphones and additional peripherals associated to the workstation through the application of software to record sound into a sound file, it with recording, fade in, fade out, level change, define / eliminate modifying block, cut, paste, copy, insert, move, split, merge etc.

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