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Most scripting languages in web technology are interpreted which means once you write the code, it is understandable by the browser. On the other hand, compiled scripting language need a translator that can interpret the code into machine language code. An important point to consider here is that different web technologies have server dependencies, so before deciding on a particular web technology one should determine the services the host web server supplies.

Here is a list of different web technologies from where one can use the right language technology that go well with the need of website.

ASP: Active Server Pages is abbreviated as ASP. ASP web technology has been created by Microsoft to develop dynamic web pages, applications and web services. This web hosting technology creates codes with the help of VBScript and JavaScript language. The best part of this web hosting technology is that it can be developed and processed on all the computers that are drive and managed by the windows operating system.

PHP: PHP is the short form of Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a web technology that can be a choice other then to ASP UNIX-based servers. The potential of PHP code web technology to get fixed directly within the body of an HTML page makes it a great tool for Web development.

JSP / JSP web technology is used in creating those web pages that are supposed to answer to user action. The greatest feature of JavaScript scripting language is that it can be used to create dynamic HTML codes plus the popular browsers support this web technology.

Perl: Perl is being widely used in web technology because of its huge number of uses in web development. Perl is a condensed word for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language. Perl scripting language is used on UNIX-based servers and is very much similar to C programming language.

CGI: Common Gateway Interface is similar to ASP and PHP and is used for server-side scripting technology. CGI applications can be written in C, C++, Java, Perl and are employed to design dynamic and interactive web pages.

VBScript is an easy to learn scripting language that is commonly used for server-side scripting as most browsers do not contain a VBScript interpreter.

Visual Basic .NET: Visual Basic .NET is also a simple programming language to learn which make use of the same syntax as other versions of Visual Basic and at the same time take advantage of namespaces and classes of the .NET Framework.

One should keep in mind that every programming language and technology has its own advantages as well as limitations. A web developer should use a combination of few different technologies to get optimize results.

Written by NiteshAhir

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