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Article by Maxi Media Matters

Although PlayStation faces some tough competition it still remains the gaming console to beat. The PS3 is not only a gaming console, it is a home media unit, with built-in Blu-ray player, live chat, picture and music storage and playback, furthermore a huge amount of games to choose from that will certainly get daily use.

Estimated damages to Sony from a data breach last year which forced Sony to shut down all network services, is in the region of $ 171 million UD Dollars, but despite this the company is truly dedicated to bringing the best ‘one stop’ media console possible to its users.

The security issues have left Sony millions of dollars short, but they are resilient and have bounced back and have instilled faith in their shareholders as their stock value has risen 2.5% and still counting.

The PlayStation 3s network is completely free and with 315 million games sold to date, including some big titles such as LittleBigPlanet, Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, and many more to hit the market in 2012, is it any wonder that this console is so popular and breaking all records.

There will never be a time when the hard-core gamers will not go head to head on which is the best console, but a PlayStation diehard will appreciate just what he or she have at their fingertips, and they are certainly not disappointed.

The PS3 is great value, thanks to its excellent Blu-ray Disc player, which sets it apart from other consoles, graphics are realistic, and furthermore games and movies look great on an HDTV. With all this sophistication and power there have been some operation problems reported, such as the YLOD (yellow light of death), freezing, and hard drive errors, but since you are dedicated to your PS3 then it is obvious you will take steps to overcome these problems.

There are a couple of solutions to any problems you may encounter, either send your console back to Sony, and be prepared to wait up to six or eight weeks for its return, or find a PlayStation 3 repair service.

Be advised, do not tamper with the console yourself, you may have friends and fellow gamers that will tell you how to solve certain problems, the saying ‘a little knowledge is dangerous’ is very true, you may do more damage than cure, take it to the specialists.

A spokesman for PS Pros based in London and New York said “if you have a problem please do not tamper with the console it may cost you an arm and a leg for any PS3 repair facility to put right what you may have damaged in your effort. We offer a same day PlayStation 3 repair if you are local to London just walk in and wait, normally repairs cost very little, we also offer a postal service just ring in and we will help you, furthermore we give a 90 day warranty on a PlayStation 3 repair. Don’t mess with your console we are a reputable company and will not let you down, you will soon be back to gaming”.

For further information visit: http://www.ps-pros.co.uk

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