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by NintendoPassion

This article will explain you how you can make in few simple steps perfect copy of your Xbox 360 favorite games, and you will get a complete solution to end scratched discs, so please forget about buying a new game over and over again, just read this excellent article.

In order to make a perfect 1:1 copy from original game, you will need to cancel CD protection. Original games have special protection on every CD to prevent copying, but don’t worry you do not have to be a programmer to do that, we will use special software to cancel the CD protection without any knowledge.

Lets start, to copy the game you requires to have 4 things.

1. The Software (cancelling the protection)

2. DVD burner on your PC (Must have one)

3. Empty DVDR-RW CD 8GB space

4. Original Xbox 360 game (or the game files on your pc)

Now we are ready to begin copying our Xbox 360 games, burn them or backup them. It’s your decision.

Six quick steps.

1. insert your original Xbox 360 game into DVD burner (if you don’t have original game, read step 1(a) )

1(a). Choose a folder that contains the files of the game.

2. Start the software and load the original game from your CD or step 1(a) folder.

3. Create a folder and copy original CD files to your new folder (step 1(a) – skip this)

4. Take out the original CD from your DVD burner, and replace it with an empty DVD-RW 8GB CD

5. Copy and paste the files from the new folder to your burner, and start burning process (through the software)

6. Wait a few minutes until the burning is complete, and enjoy.

I recommend you to use the next CD’s to burn your games. There is a lot of different CDs on the market, and not all of them well as you think they are.

Some of them is very low quality, or low scratch protection, and the other type of those CDs are high quality protection & burning, so Im going to speak about the second type, this is the BEST CDs to burn your games.

So what is the best CD to burn your Xbox 360 games?

Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB 8x 250min

* Verbatim has the highest burning quality,
* Verbatim has the best scratch protection.
* Have double layer that very important for xbox360 games.
* Have 8.5gb space, big enough for all the new 2010 games.
* Rewritable.

Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB 8x 250min have a great price compared to other cds, not high priced and not low this fits for every pocket, You can enjoy from the best quality and protect your xbox 360 console reading eye from bad CDs.

I highly recommend you to use this CDs , you can find them on eBay or Amazon, or PC store etc, believe me they worth the price.

Congratulations you just burned your first Xbox 360 Game icon smile Copy Xbox 360 Games In 3 Minutes and I’m sure it took you just 3 minutes.

For more information and help, you can check my “Resource Box” to get the best help.

Copying games is very easy, with “Backup Wizard” software its takes only few minutes. You can read more about “Back Up Wizard” and download it from next URL Copy Games To Xbox

Make your 1:1 Xbox 360 Game now!

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