Consoles, Consoles, Consoles, What a Load of Consoles

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by damato_pat

Article by John Milligan

Good question that. Who did say consoles are taking over? I don’t know.

The fact of the matter is, is that whoever or wherever you are, you’ve probably heard of the console like the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, DS Lite etc etc.

Are they really taking over though? My opinion – course not! They are darn good sellers though, as I have talked about on other articles.

But doesn’t that mean they’re taking over though? No, not at all. Take the best seller at the moment – the good ol’ (well, new actually) Nintendo Wii. This beauty has sold over 25 million consoles since its release in November, 2006. Thats in just 18 months or so. What, 25 million! So that console IS taking over then? No. Let’s just put this into perspective ok.

Yes, I agree that 25 million is a huge amount. 25 million people have a Nintendo Wii. But look, today the world’s population is near to 7BN people! How many millions is 7BN? Its 7,000 million. And 25 million of those 7,000 million own a Wii!

So, we could also say then, and quite factually, that 6,975 million do not own a Nintendo Wii!!! That also is a huge figure, is it not?

Ok, Yes I am rambling a little now, but it is just to make the point that though some say that consoles are taking over, it’s actually nowhere near the reality of the situation.

Ah but, I hear you say, what about all the other makes of consoles like playstation 3 and xbox 360 and all the rest?

Fairly good point but it just doesn’t change the matter – and if it does, then its by an incy wincy bit, no more.

Even with ps3 sales of around 13 million to date and Xbox 360 with 19 million sales to date that still leaves a huge amount of the planet’s inhabitants console-less (if there is such a word).

25 million + 13 million + 19 million and let’s throw in another 43 million for all other consoles (even though its not that much) just to make it up to 100 million. You still have about 6.9 bn people without a console.

So what does that tell us in conclusion – 100 million WITH. 6.9 billion WITHOUT.

Sorry folks, but consoles are simply not taking over us, so chill out, take a pew and turn your console on.

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Living in the UK with his wife, Sula and daughter Heidi, John has a Business degree and though qualified as a teacher, never pursued this as a full time career. Now running his own online business in Computer Consoles & Games.

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