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by tony4carr

Are you as amazed by Computer Technology as I am?  Everything from your smart phone to the GE PLC shows the progression of technological advancement over the previous decades.  For instance the GE Fanuc series of component parts is the latest in a long line up of Computer Technology component parts that demonstrate this great advance in technology.  So what can we expect in the future years in regard to even further computer advancement?  It’s very difficult to gauge what will happen in the upcoming years but I think that we can safely assume that technology will continue to move forward at a rapid rate.  We all know how amazing the advancements in Computer Technology of 10 over the previous 50 years.  For instance the concept of a personal computer would’ve been foreign to someone in the 1950s and yet is extremely common today.  So what can we expect than 50 years time that would be unimaginable today?  Will smart phones play an even larger role in our lives than they currently do?  I think that this is one area that we can definitely bank on as smart phones have become indispensable to those who use them.  I think that we can also safely assume that technology as a whole will play a larger part of people’s day to day lives in the future because suddenly the trend has been heading this way for the last few decades.  50 years ago if very few people came into contact with computers now almost everyone is in constant contact with them so this trend will likely continue.


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What has happened to the world. Why cant we appreciate technology!
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