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by Scott Beale

Pentium P5,the fifth generation chip,was derived from Intel 80486 processor. This superscalar x86 architecture featured reduced address calculation latency, faster floating processing unit, dual integer pipelines, 64 bit data bus,separate code and data caches. Later MMX technology was integrated with Pentium in mid 1990s, which resulted in a processor called Pentium MMX. MMX instruction set and larger cache memory were implemented in Pentium MMX. Pentium’s rivals are AMD K5, Cyrix 6×86,Motorola 68060,PowerPC 601,WinChip C6,Rise mP6,NexGen Nx586,etc. Since market share of this revolutionary processor is more than 80%, network support for it is also widely available.

Features Of Pentium P5

Compared to 486 processors, the performance of Pentium has been improved considerably. The execution speed of Pentium is almost double of the execution speed of 486 processor.

It can execute more than 100 million instructions per second. With 75MHz of clock, the execution speed could reach over 125 million instructions per second. With so much enhancements, high quality PC support is required to resolve Pentium P5 problems.

64 Bit Data Bus

The width of Pentium data bus is 64 bits, double of the 80486 data bus. This feature  doubles the bandwidth for reading from and writing to memory. So loading of the code into the cache memory is also faster. Sometimes in thickly dense data bus, if two data paths are shorted, the computer might start malfunctioning. To diagnose such troubles network support could be quite helpful.

Superscalar architecture

Superscalar technology was implemented in Pentium processor for the first time in the history of microprocessor technology. So it is called the first superscalar processor. Superscalar technology uses 2 data paths or pipelines to execute 2 instructions per 1 clock cycle. The main pipeline is designed to fetch any type of instructions, while the secondary  pipeline can fetch only simple instructions. To maximize the benefits from the dual pipeline, the code must optimized to set up instructions in such a way that both pipelines run at the same time. Tech support could be very useful in code optimization.

Faster Memory Bus

Pentium processors generally run on system buses with speed ranging from 60MHz to 66MHz, while the 80486 processors used to run on 33MHz buses. So performance is highly improved in Pentium processors. Pipelined burst cache is another feature which allowed faster memory access.

Integrated Power Management

System Management Mode is implemented in Pentium to regulate power management operation. This mode was optional in 80486 processor.

Floating Point Unit

The Floating Point Unit of Pentium is much faster compared to that of 80486. Some floating point instructions like FMUL are executed 15 times faster. FXCH ST(x) instruction could be executed in parallel with an arithmetic or load/store FPU instruction.

Code And Data Cache

Split level 1 cache memory is used in Pentium. 8KB memory is allotted for data cache and code cache each. Separation of code and data caches reduces read and write conflicts. Since both of caches are 2 way associative, access time and implementation cost are reduced.


Both pipeline could be used simultaneously by the Pentium microcode to enable auto repeating instructions to perform one iteration in every clock cycle. In 80486 processor, one iteration is performed in every 3 cycles.

Hardware Based Multiplier

The execution times for the instructions MUL and IMUL are reduced considerably.

Network Support For Pentium Based Computer

Some bug were detected after Pentium was introduced in the market. Some floating point divisions yielded incorrect results. Some malicious programs could crash the system without any special privileges. Also some versions of Pentium processor based computers has high heat production. To resolve all the issues, Computer support could be quite effective. Many network support providers are rendering solutions to Pentium based computer problems.

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