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by Rosa Say

In computing, software, strictly speaking, is any program or application programmed to perform specific tasks.The term “software” was first used by John 1975

Some authors prefer to expand the definition of software and also include in the definition of everything that is produced in the development.

The word “software” is a contrast of “hardware”, the software runs inside the hardware .

The software in the broad sense

A broader definition of software includes more than just programs.This definition includes:
-The representation of the software: programs, design details written in a program description, design, architecture, written in formal language specifications, system requirements, etc..

– Knowledge of software engineering: Any information relating to software development (how to use a specific design method) or information related to the development of specific software (for example, a test scheme project). This includes information related to the project, information technology, software, knowledge of similar systems and the detailed information relating to the identification and solution of technical problems.

– Information on the application.

The “software” as a program

Software as a program consists of a code into a machine language specific to a processor individually. The code is a ordered sequence of instructions that change the state of the hardware of a computer .

The software is usually written in a programming language of high level, it is easier to write (it is closer to natural language human), but must be converted to machine language for execution.

The software can be distinguished into three categories: system software, programming software and application software.  Anyway, this distinction is arbitrary and sometimes software can fall a number of categories.

– System software: operating aid and computer hardware. Includes the operating system , drivers for devices , diagnostic tools, servers , windowing system , utilities and more.  Its purpose is to avoid as much as possible the complex details of the computation, especially the memory and hardware.

– Software programming: provides tools to assist the programmer .Includes text editors, compilers , command interpreters , linkers , debuggers , and so on.

– Software application : it allows end users to do certain tasks.  Some application software are browsers , text editors , graphic editors , antivirus , messenger , etc..

The software can be classified according to their license and / or means of distribution:

Written by shakib

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