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Article by Doug Collins

One of the gadgets that most people use besides the mobile phones is the computer. Computers are very useful because there are so many things that you can do with it. The desktop computers are used at homes, offices and schools. Laptops can be used when travelling or when you need to bring it with you anywhere you go. It isn’t just useful but handy as well. You wouldn’t have any problems when it comes to your files being left in the computer at home. But just like other gadgets, the user can encounter different problems. There is one major problem of computer users, which is the low speed. Who would want their computer running slow? Well, no one would.When you are loading a game or when you are saving files, when the speed of your computer is low, it can get so frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. If you need to get files immediately, you won’t be able to do it because even if you have just turned on your computer, getting to the desktop can already take time. It can also affect the programs inside your system. So when their computer is running slow, it can really annoy the user. Instead of making it easier by using the computer, it is taking them longer.Here are the reasons on why computers run slow and some ways on how to fix it:* Spyware or Viruses – Make sure that you have an anti-virus software installed in your system. Weekly virus scan is important so you can remove all unwanted applications and programs. These spyware and viruses can easily enter your system when you surf and download programs/medias from the internet.* Not enough memory – Remove or delete all unnecessary files. Burn your files in a disc or transfer your files another hard drive to make more space.* Start up overload (too many files loading during start-up) – Go to the startup programs window and uncheck the programs that you do not want to load when you turn on your computer* Computer Registry – The computer registry must be cleaned because even if you’ve uninstalled a program, some of its files are still left in the registry. This is the database of the softwares installed in the computer.* Temporary Internet Files – If you use the internet very often, there are files that are being saved in a folder. These files are the websites that you often go to. These files enable your browser to load faster but it can take up a lot of space if you visit a lot of sites.People do not want their computer running slow so they must clean their computers and remove and delete all files that are unnecessary. No one wants their computer running slow so following those tips can really speed up your computer. You don’t need to buy a new computer just because it is slow. Look for ways on how to repair it and find ways to make it faster. It would be cheaper than buying a new one.

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