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Article by Jenny Jonson

The computer is, with no doubt or any second thoughts, one of the best kinds of artificial intelligence invented by human beings. It has attracted a lot of attention and hard work by men to achieve technological innovation in the field of computer networking. Similar to the human mind, the work and functioning of a computer is supported by a programming language. Thus, they too are guided by that language and can share information between two or more computers. Computers too are connected with one another. Thus, a study in computer networking has seen a lot of research and study by professionals all around the world.

Computer networking basically means network that is shared by two individual computers in such a way that they can share documents, messages, information, software and various other such details. This makes using computers very easy and advantageous. More often than not when you need to transfer a very large amount of data from one computer to another using an external storage device, like a hard disk or something, the whole process becomes very tedious and time consuming. And traditionally, people did necessarily have to use external storage devices. Thus, computer networking is a boon to people who frequently need to transfer large amounts of data and do the same in the fastest way possible.

With further developments and technological advancements in the field of computer networking, there was a huge need for people to continuously to handle, manage and invent such a progress. Thus, these days networking jobs are abundantly available. In fact, networking experts and professionals have led computer networking to such good heights that now functions such as instant messaging, real-time conversations, e-mailing, video conferencing as well as chat room communication have become very common and easy functions in everyones computers and laptops. Yet there is a constant push from Information Technology professionals to continuously try and improve it even further.

People all around the world now need computers to function in almost every field or sector in the world. Companies and governments are spending huge amounts of money to promote research and development in computer networking and all the areas related to it. In addition to that, all the development that has taken place in the field of Information Technology has resulted in a consecutive innovation and development in the field of computer networking.

Further to aiding our communication needs, computer networking makes our hardware sharing work possible and easy; for instance, networking many computers to a single printer makes printing functions very easy. Furthermore, it improves accessibility functions too. Files that are available on just one computer can also be opened as well as saved by an authorized user on a different computer.

Thus, networking jobs are now gaining huge importance in the job market and also carry a high importance in the computer and Information Technology sectors. After all, to someone somewhere is needed to make our computers constantly better than before.

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