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by jon_a_ross

A Computer constitutes of different parts or components, which are collectively known as PC hardware. The main hardware PC units include display screen monitor, CPU, hard disk, mouse, CD drive, keyboard, etc. We can also buy a computer from a company or can also purchase an assembled model through an expert computer software person. If any part of the computer gets corrupted, you can also purchase separate components from any offline or online computer dealers.

The computer hardware parts also do include items such as sound cards, scanners, even digital cameras internet modems, etc. Every computer has its own individual configuration like model details, RAM memory, CPU etc which might vary from other computers.

Now let’s have a look at the most important hardware parts:

* CPU – CPU or Central Processing Unit is also known as the brain of the computer. It works as a processor, and processes all our commands and instructions. Intel processors are the most widely used processors in the world and are used by most of the computer manufacturing companies.

* Mouse - This is an essential hardware for desktop models as it is used for navigational purpose, to click on varied options, also for selecting different objects and to access necessary information present on the computer screen.

* Hard Disk – Hard Disk is used for the storage of data. A major part in the performance of any computer essentially depends on its hard disk.

The higher the rotational speed of hard disk the fast and high speed performance will be the by that particular computer.

* RAM - Ram is also known as Random Access Memory, which is used in storing temporary information in the CPU. As soon as we switch off the computer, these temporary info files are erased from RAM. The optimal performance of the computer highly depends on the size of its RAM.

* Keyboard - Keyboard is one of the most vital parts in computer hardware. The keyboard is used to enter specific instructions or commands by punching of numbers, alphabets, or signs. There are many function keys as well such as Alter, Control, delete, Page up, F keys, Page down, etc in the keyboard. There are a total of 101 keys in a standard keyboard however these days we can find keyboards of more or less keys as well, a keyboard is designed in such a way so as to make typing easier and faster.

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