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Computer is said to be the sum of its parts unlike other electronic devices. In case of a television, nobody cares about the make of a picture tube of a particular brand and its specifications. However, in case of computers, a knowledgeable consumer would first enquire about the specifications of its components such as motherboard, processor, hard disk, RAM etc., more than the brand name. Following is the computer hardware and terminology in a nutshell.

Several functions are included in a powerful chip known as a processor or microprocessor. Rolled into a chip, it’s the brain and heart of the computer. Its competence which is specified by its frequency and denoted using gigahertz depends on its speed of processing. It would function in a better way if the speed is higher. Also, there are numerous types of processors, including the 32 and 64 bit processor. A yardstick of speed is not what bit rate is all about and the larger bit rate means that various computing processes can be performed efficiently by the processor at the same time.

Motherboard is another main item in computer hardware terminology. In other words, it’s the platform where all the other components are fitted in electrically. Over the years, several additional functionalities are slotted on to the motherboard such as graphics card, sound card and networking card. One should make sure that the motherboard is well-matched with other components such as RAM, hard disk and processor.

Computer hardware and terminology comprises of RAM and hard disk as its vital components.

There are 2 types of memory in a computer. The memory stored on the hard disk is known as permanent memory and even when the computer is shut down it remains in the disk. On the other hand, once the computer is shut down RAM or random access memory will be off. Functional information while running a computer, like unsaved data and running programs are kept in this memory while the computer is on. The data is saved to the hard disk from RAM once you save a file.

Computer hardware terminology also comprises of a large list of computer peripherals like mouse, keyboard, monitor, CD or DVD writers and drives, speaker and webcams.

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