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by Kevin Lau

Anyone who has a computer has experienced computer frustration. It comes in many forms. The computer can work slowly. It can need an upgrade. It can freeze. It can have popups, viruses, and just be difficult in general.

It is very important to have a good anti-virus on your computer. A good anti-virus will help prevent problems. Conversely, not having a good anti-virus can bring you to the point where the computer stops altogether. When a computer is infected with a virus, you can have one screen after another jump up, or pop up, unrequested, all due to a virus. So much of this can happen that you are no longer able to use the computer. It is extremely important to have a good anti-virus installed on your computer.

The cost to not having a good anti-virus on your computer can be high. If your computer gets infected, you have to shut it down and generally take it in to a computer repair shop, or pay to have a technician come to you.

Not only is it expensive, but it is time-consuming. You could be 3-5 days or more without your computer. This can be very bad, especially for businesses or students relying on their computers to get their work done.

The best way to avoid all this is prevention. Truly, the saying, “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, really holds in regards to a computer. Take time to get your computer protected, and it will give you years of more and better service than if you don’t make that effort.

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