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by Claire L. Evans

If the maintenance of a computer is good, it would have been in relatively good working condition, you can try to play its role; the contrary, a poorly maintained machine, it may be in good working condition, the operating system may be every few days to go wrong, the scheduled work can not be completed, more importantly, may lead to loss of data, resulting in irreparable losses. Therefore, to do the daily maintenance of the computer is necessary.

Computer hardware maintenance

Hardware maintenance is defined as the computer hardware maintenance, which includes a variety of computer devices using the environment and routine maintenance and precautions when working.

1. Power requirements:

Maintain the power outlet with plug contacts, including more than good, reasonably easy to hit stumbling placed as far as possible to prevent accidental power-down, there must be shut down and left.

2. Good anti-static work

Static electricity may cause damage to computer chips, to prevent electrostatic damage to the computer, before opening the computer case should be hand contact with the heating pipes and other objects can be discharged, static electricity will be let go after their exposure to computer accessories; Also in place computer chassis with a wire to ground, can play a very good anti-static effect.

3, the computer placed

Placed the host computer should be smooth and maintain the necessary work space, to put the disk aside, drawings and other spare parts used to facilitate the work place. To adjust the monitor height and position should be maintained above the display are parallel with the line of sight, too high or too low will cause the operator fatigue.

4, hard disk maintenance and routine precautions when using

Computer hard disk is the warehouse, the results of our work are stored in the warehouse, and its importance is self-evident. We use the above points should be noted:

(1) hard going to read, write operation can not be a power outage the hard disk is now a high speed, typically 5400 rpm / min or 7200 r / min, in the hard to read, write operation, the disk rotating at high speed, should sudden power failure, may cause severe friction between the head and disc damage the hard disk. If more than the hard disk light is flashing, indicating that the hard disk read and write operation has not been completed at this time should not be forced off the power, only when the hard disk light stops flashing, hard to complete reading and writing only after reboot or shutdown. Work in the field must be equipped with reliable uninterruptible power supply for protection.
(2) measures the hard drive when the computer is running shock is best not to move it, the other, hard to move or transport in the best packaging protection with a foam or sponge to minimize vibration.
(3) take the hard drive in your hand when you do not bump, then a need to pay attention is to prevent electrostatic damage to the hard disk. Particularly vulnerable to static electricity during dry weather, if not carefully hand-to-disk on the back of the circuit board, static electricity is likely to damage to the hard disk of electronic components, leading to the hard disk can not function properly. Hard disk with the correct method of holding hands should be on both sides to seize the hard drive and to avoid its direct contact with the back of the circuit board.

6, the display settings

Displays such as improper use, the effect will be poor, but also hurt the eyes, correctly set the resolution and refresh rate will make you feel comfortable and appropriate resolution of 15-inch 800 * 600,17 inch display appropriate resolution of 1024 * 768 , when the best refresh rate at 85.

7, the keyboard routine maintenance

(1) too much dust or clean the circuit will work difficult, sometimes resulting in misuse, impurities fall into the cracks in the keys would get stuck keys, or even cause short circuits. We clean the keyboard, can be soft, damp cloth to wipe clean, the key gap between the stains can swab clean and disinfect with medical alcohol, so as to avoid adverse effects on the plastic parts. Clean the keyboard must be turned off when carried out under a damp cloth should not be too wet, the internal water to avoid short circuit the keyboard.
(2) not to spill liquid spill liquid on the keyboard when the keyboard will cause poor contact, causing a short circuit fault circuit corrosion and damage the keyboard. So the tea we generally do not sit at your computer, so that may be accidentally spilled tea on the keyboard.
(3) button to note the intensity at the keys when we must pay attention to moderate intensity, the action should be gentle, strong percussion will reduce the life of the keyboard, especially when the play button when the game should be careful not to hard keys, to prevent damage to the key cap.
(4) Do not live Do not plug in the replacement keyboard hot plug, hot plug the harm is great, ranging from damage to the keyboard, may be damaged while in other parts of the computer, resulting in unnecessary losses.

8, the mouse routine maintenance

In all computer accessories, mouse, most likely to fail. Mouse, optical mouse, and mechanical mouse is divided into
(1) Avoid touching the mouse and drop wire pull strength.
(2) Click the mouse when not excessive force to avoid damage to the flexible switch.
(3) The best mouse pad with a dedicated, not only can greatly reduce the dirt into the mouse through the rubber ball opportunities, increased rubber ball and the friction between the mouse pad.
(4) the use of optical mouse, be aware of photographic plates sensitive cleaning it in a better state, to avoid the dirt attached to the LED and phototransistor, and blocking the light reception.

9, regular defragmentation

Disk fragmentation is because the file is saved to the disk scattered in different places, rather than sequentially stored in contiguous clusters in the disk formed. Virtual memory management program to read and write frequently for the disk, IE when browsing the web generated temporary files and temporary files settings, its main causes file fragmentation on the system generally will not cause damage, but if too much debris, System files back and forth in time to find, it will cause a decline in system performance, resulting in loss of stored files, serious hard drive will shorten life. Therefore, for computer disk fragmentation can not be ignored, should regularly collate debris disk, to ensure the normal and stable manner, we can use system comes with the “Disk Defragmenter” to defragment the hard disk.

10, U disk maintenance

Before we use the floppy disk capacity is too small, and gradually replaced by U disk, its small size, large capacity, stable, easy storage, a great trend to replace the floppy. U disk shock resistance is good, but very sensitive to the power, not the right plug, and electrostatic damage is its “killer”, particular attention is the use of U disk program to exit before dial. Another U disk smaller, easy-to-lost friends who want to take good care of.

Computer software maintenance

1, anti-virus anti-virus work well, do not run software from unknown sources.

2, while the task of opening not too much, particularly in the computer when the installation program copies the data independent of the program do not run.

3, clean junk files in Windows will run hoarding a lot of junk files, these junk files and Windows does not automatically removed, it not only takes up a lot of disk space, but also slow down the system, the system is running slow, so the waste file must be removed. Junk files There are two, one is a temporary file, mainly in the Windows Temp directory, you will find that your machine usage time with the growth, the increased use of the software, your Windows operating system will become increasingly large the main thing is the existence of these junk files. Temp directory for temporary files, just go to this directory can be deleted manually; Yet another is that when IE Internet temporary files, we can use the following method to manually delete, open IE, select Tools in the ” Internet Options, “this one, then select” IE temporary files “option, select the” Delete Files “,” Delete all offline content “, the last election can determine, the other in the” History “option, Select “Delete history” one, and keep pages in history the number of days to 1 day, up to no more than 5 days.

For all of us computer users, let the computer play out its maximum performance, let the computer is always working in the most stable state, which is our common choice, the machine configuration is a major factor in the level, but the use and maintenance of improper configuration so high in vain. We usually use the computer, when more attention to the computer’s hardware maintenance and software maintenance, not only can prolong the life of the machine as far as possible, the most important is make the computer work in the normal state. Only to develop good habits, know how to maintain common sense, to make it better for us.

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