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With Satellite TV creating big bang on TV industry people in multiple numbers have switched over to Satellite TV. Especially the craze is huge for DirecTV Satellite service provider of United States. However there are few who have not in this change over trend and still stick to Cable TV. Old is not always gold and this goes to television service also. Which one is best the new avatar DirecTV or the Cable TV, the old provider of the market? Before jumping into any conclusion let us have a comparative study between the two providers.

Before making any choice in terms of new service or product the first thing that bothers the mind of a viewer is the price factor. Specifically speaking a person will hook up to the service that is good as well as cost effective. In this matter DirecTV has a better chance than the cable TV. With nominal price of $ 29.99/mo DirecTV has come out to be the obvious choice than cable television whose monthly charge is as high as $ 50 to even $ 70/mo. In addition DirecTV has incentives for first time subscription that are just unique. Most packages include free standard professional installation, no additional charge for regional channels. You can also get free shipping and for online subscription you only have to pay $ 20. The only exception is the DIRECTV Premier package, which often brings in promotional offers every now and then especially for few months. In case of basic packages too DirecTV fares well than cable television. The DIRECTV Premier package is about $ 105, while most cable TV packages that include everything such as HBO, Starz, and the like are usually at least $ 125 per month.

Especially for the sports freaks there is every reason to sign in to DirecTV. A handful of exclusive sports packages, NFL SUNDAY TICKET, NASCAR HotPass and more DirecTv subscriber can explore the whole of sports entertainment. Also in bringing exclusive 3 HD content at your home, DirecTV has played the pioneering role. Cable television, on the other hand, is yet to come up with such thing for its valued subscribers.

Next in the line is quality and in this matter also DirecTV has achieved a high success rate. All the channels that are offered under DirecTV packages are all in digital programming mode. Plus, 160 exclusive HD channels is an exclusive bid to be offered the company. In this way stupendous picture quality and clear sound system make you to get a look and feel of a lavish theatre hall. In comparison cable television provider has yet to offer such lucrative offers.

Plus with DIRECTV you are rest assured of getting top class customer service. In other words you have started a top class professional who work round the clock with the efficiency of dealing with after sale activities. In moments time they can troubleshoot your problems with great efficiency. So far as customer satisfaction is concerned, in long span of ten years cable TV has never achieved such benchmark.

Considering all these factors, it can be concluded that DirecTV is in advantageous position than cable television.

Enjoy multiple channels on your DIRECTV. With every package, you get a number of DIRECTV channels that would surely satisfy the viewers of varied tastes.

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