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Searching properties through pen and paper are the way behind strategies, which won’t be fit in today’ s business scenario. Nowadays you can find number of user-friendly software and tools utilizing by strata property companies according to affordability and business requirements. The major servicing areas of these software services are accounting software, CRM software, tax software etc. How big or small may be your strata management property business, the software will allow you to be update with all the strata community functionalities.

Whenever you are choosing any software for your commercial strata management service then must keep three things in mind that your selected program must be easy to use, the software must provide a secure service and it must meet your business needs. Here we are describing some other points which you to find the best software service for you.

Affordable budget

A large strata management company won’t give a second thought at the time of selecting a software application but for the small company it is very important to go for budget analysis according to servicing areas. The budget of the software service depends upon its features and intricate functions. So it is wise to buy that application which meets your requirements.

Aware of Hidden charges

Don’t go for long term contract while buying any software solutions for your strata management property. Because sometime there are some hidden costs are attached with the tool, which comes front at later stage and at that time you have no option except counting a fixed amount. It is better to do enough research or take reference help before selecting the right product.

Go for demo before buying

At the time of choosing your software look for the available trial version, so that you can check the functionalities with a full display to see whether all the functionalities are matching with your month end services or not.

Select end to end productivity program

As a strata management company you need your software functionalities to cover all the service areas such as commercial, industrial and residential strata management.

With the fully integrated tool you will achiever end to end strata community solutions, latest web based services, high-end technical installations, free maintenance with various operations.

Choose automatic programmed software

If your software comes with full accounting package then it can run automatically by selecting a program itself and make the property manager to lessen his/her work from incessant reading and calculating reports, fees and discounts. And make sure the report you are provided by the software must be available at any time.

Other handy features

The other features at commercial strata management property includes  tracking cost, report generations, late fees and installments, checking of expiry dates, automatic update of rent amounts and other financing accounts, list of tenants for the owner, update rental and lease agreements, save time by generating templates  of various forms and notices on time.

These software applications for strata management property can help in lot of things by saving time for the company and its employees. Now it is not mandatory for a worker to site whole day for maintain their record keeping duties. Commercial strata management software is the best tool for the strata management company to utilize as a multi-user system for the property business.

Chris Whelan is Licensed Strata & Community Manager at Whelan Property Group Pvt, Ltd, has years of experience in the marketing and trading strata management property industries. His online and offline knowledge regarding strata management company and schemes makes him a great resource for strata management property dealings.

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