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by Michael Kappel

CMMS software stands for computerized maintenance management systems that are being used by millions of industries running all over the world.

A CMMS program is very important for the efficiency of business. The main benefit is preventative maintenance. With preventative maintenance, the need for making outside contracts for tools servicing is eliminated which saves on maintenance costs by a theatrical percentage. Labor costs are reduced with the automation of most processes.

Computerized maintenance management (CMMS) software can help to organize any maintenance department no matter what the skill level of the employees are. CMMS Software can increase your maintenance departments efficiency by leaps and bounds.The latest trend in CMMS are powerful, PC based CMMS solutions that make the best use of the wide capability of Microsoft Windows. They include features to deliver compliance, service and production that in synchrony with the needs of the maintenance departments. The work management component handles optimization of day-to-day operations, manages work orders and supports a preventive maintenance program.

The physical asset management component provides rapid and easy retrieval of important information such as planned and unplanned work history, assets accounting information, warranty and service contracts and complete descriptive information.Maintenance of records, record of assets, developed and product details are simply maintained without much human involvement. One can keep a vast record of his factory or firm using this CMMS software.

With web based CMMS all you need is a browser and an internet connection to use this software. The details of transactions and records, in a web based CMMS Software, are maintained in a centralized server and the users will be using this data through the browser. There is no need for custom built client software for most of web based maintenance management software. Organizations that have multiple offices and factory locations can benefit from a web based maintenance management software.

Comprehensive web CMMS integrated with Asset Management Software that is user friendly and customizable to save time and money.

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