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by Dell’s Official Flickr Page

Have you ever heard the term Cloud Computing? This is a fairly new term in the world of computers. Cloud computing is the idea of having a wide area of which to access files, and run applications, all which usually run in your internet browser. For example, Google Apps is considered cloud computing because you open your web browser to access their word processor, spreadsheet applications, and presentation application and be able to create new documents, save documents, and upload previously created documents. All of the files that you save are saved to Google’s file servers and are accessible anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection.

Microsoft has also come up with their own Cloud Computing application called Sharepoint. Sharepoint is an application that is installed on one of a company’s servers and is fully customizable. It can be used like Google’s Google Apps or can be utilized exclusively internal to the company. It looks a little nicer than Google Apps but can be difficult to customize. Many companies are outsourcing as they move to the cloud because of the fact that most businesses are small to mid-sized and does not have their own internal IT department. Also, since it is still pretty new there are many IT professionals that are still unfamiliar with Sharepoint and don’t have the time to take the necessary training.

My suggestion would be that you, the reader, go sign up for a free Gmail account and start playing around with Google Apps so that as the IT industry moves toward a decentralized type of information technology you are not left behind.


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