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by karindalziel

Cloud computing is the buzzword today, which is why organisations need to understand the base requirements behind cloud services. This is an important first step that must be taken before implementing this new technology. Cloud computing has had a greater impact on enterprise-based and private online environments in the delivery of shared resources, software and information as a utility over a network. Global networking company, Cisco, with its system integration partners help customers build customised cloud computing platforms. The company offers a number of services including firewall services, IP trunking services, and MPLS VPN.

For the most part, cloud computing is based on virtualisation with the ability to dynamically allocate and move resources around. Cisco continues to help enterprises build private clouds without becoming a full-fledged service provider. The company provides guidance on building and managing automation services around cloud. With networking being Cisco’s strength, they are in a good position to create a platform for cloud services for their enterprise customers who can build public clouds for other businesses. Cisco works with various open source communities, which is a hub for cloud activity. The company has recognised the contribution of open source to technology and cloud computing. They also work with Red Hat in contributing to open source code. In the recent months, Cisco has doubled the density of their UCS or Unified Computing System, which is currently the core of its cloud strategy. Cisco also joined the OpenStack community to help with the design and development of open source codes.

Cisco’s Cloud Partner Program focuses on three areas: Cisco Cloud Builders, Cisco Cloud Providers, and Cisco Cloud Services Resellers.

The program enables partners to participate in any or all of these areas in the cloud computing arena. Partners have access to a wide range of channel rebates and incentives. Other innovative programs are designed to counter the impact of high capital cost of entering the cloud solution arena with the help of training and tools to enable partners to build a profitable cloud practice.

The Cisco Cloud Practice Accelerator has the potential to help partners go a long way in the cloud computing market. The company’s cloud programs are aimed at real partnerships rather than mere sales partnerships to enter the cloud market. Cisco foresees plenty of opportunities for their partners to build cloud-ready infrastructures. Their cloud programs are based not only on specialisations like data centres and unified communications but partner investments in certifications from third-party vendors like Red Hat, VMware, BMC, and Hitachi.

Other products from Cisco Telephones, Sonicwall, and Mitel Telephones company such as the Mitel Phone Systems, Cisco IP Phone, Mitel Phones, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Mitel 5320, Mitel 5312, Mitel 5304, Mitel 5330, Mitel 5324, Firewalls, Cisco ASA 5505 and Cisco ASA 5510 are also great at vastly improving your organizations communication capability.

Andy Starr is the Director of Open IP Ltd.  He has been working in the IT/Telecoms industry since 1991.  Now leading a team of highly trained experts covering a wide range of IT/Telecoms subjects; Andy is a respected voice in the UK technology industry.

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