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Up until recently people all over China, there are millions of people who haven’t been able to use a mobile phone. However, these days, they can purchase a handset, a slot for pre paid SIM card and begin to use the mobile all for only ?20. To most people in China, it is a life changing event.

The biggest reason for this is a company named China Mobile who has more business than any other service provider in the world with over 70 percent of the domestic market. It also has 518,000,000 subscribers.

China Mobile is the largest overseas Chinese company and service provider by market value in the world. The company’s interest in the acquisition of foreign companies as well as its work on 4G technology may mean that its profile internationally may be increasing.

The company has practically gone unnoticed while its influence has been felt all around the world. The company has a high speed network that has rapidly spread the use of mobile phones is both a contributor to and a product of China’s aggressive development. This has resulted in distance shrinking and the acceleration of the pace of business and life in China.

Because China has such heavy censorship, many activists believe that the Internet and the potential for mobile phones could increase the flow of information. They are quick to explain that there have been cases where camera phones have captured and shared images of official abuse and unrest.

The Chinese authorities are definitely aware of this potential. They have blocked the Internet’s YouTube and Chinese social networking websites are currently being strictly controlled. Following some vicious ethnic violence, the ability to message by text was removed in Xinjiang. The authorities in China also use mobile phone for monitoring people and for political education.

For many people mobile phones are just a way of life, although the political and social effects of this new technology are seldom so well defined. Regardless if it’s an independent farmer or an executive from Shanghai who is highly paid, everyone wants a signal and a mobile phone. China Mobile now covers 98 percent of the population in china and has some 500,000 base stations. This allows the Chinese people to call home from distant fields or from city subway trains.

China Mobil’s chief executive has stated publically that they will provide coverage as long as the requirement for coverage exists. He originally believed that only rich people would use mobile phones. However, he is now unhappy because there is only a penetration rate of 57 percent. He believes that all adults should have a minimum of one mobile phone because they are an extension of a person’s mouths, eyes, and ears.

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