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As is known to all, the modern society is witnessing an accelerating number of people embracing mobile phones. According to the latest statistics revealed, about 60% of the world’s population own mobile phones and the percentage is increasing on a day-by-day basis (Jun, 2006, p.12). Different people adore mobile phones out of their respectively distinct reasons. However, the major trend of a flourishing mobile phone market is sound and immediate.Many mobile manufacturers provide mobile phones with different features. Hence, it is a bit tiresome and fuzzy to select a particular type of mobile phone that has the latest technology. On the other hand, the 21st century is facing, on a day-to-day basis, the acceleration of market share competition and the over segmentation of the target market. Under this macroscopic circumstance, commodities and services are increasingly homogeneous, which leaves little room for the further innovation initiatives of most companies.

At present, taking into consideration the increasingly homogeneous functions, appearances, prices, and even advertisements of cell phones, there is dim hope that the advantages of cell phones themselves alone can form competitive advantages or edges. Moreover, D.E Schulze, the initiator of integrated marketing communications theory, has remarked that only by means of “channel” and “communication” can differentiated competitive advantages be gained after the 1990s.As a matter of fact, the distribution mode of channel-centered differentiated integration has caught due attention in the present Chinese distribution industry. Upon a closer analysis, the loss or gain in the market competition ultimately depends on the speed of distribution, which means commodities and services must be delivered to customers as soon as possible. Furthermore, the enhancement of the speed and efficiency of distribution channels calls for a scientific and highly-efficient management of distribution channels. It is foreseeable that the innovation of distribution channels and distribution modes will constitute an important strategic advantage in the 21st century cell phone agency.It is worth noticing that the agents’ development, present situation and developing trend have to be made an in-depth analysis on the existing problems of the distribution channels of cell phone agents. Also, the feasible solutions in accordance with network marketing theories should be proposed, and eventually put forward practicable modes of distribution channels in light of the demand of customers, the establishment of order system, the selection of settlement system, and the new cell phone distribution channels established based on the system.Researches have shown that network distribution channels can solve related problems in the cell phone distribution channels such as the complexity of channels, the unsatisfying speed of information transmission, high cost with low profit, and so on. As far as the distributors are concerned, their own distribution channels, instead of being abandoned, should be optimized by network channels. Therefore, it is the market’s requirement as well as the agents’ sincere wish that the designed distribution channel can serve as a reference for the cell phone distribution enterprises in China and the entire industry at large.A few years back, mobile phones were considered as just a style statement for the rich and elite class people. When the mobile phones were introduced in the market they just used to satisfy the needs of communication only through verbal and non-verbal communications, that time we could have only receive and make calls and can only sent and receive messages, that’s all. In this twenty-first century, almost every one have this tiny gadget which we generally call as mobile phone and using them for calling, messaging, gaming, entertainment and connectivity etc.Today, communication is an important part of every one’s life because connecting with people, whether for a personal reason or for a professional reason, is as necessary as we take breath or have our meal while we are hungry. Only due to astounding developments in the world of technology now mobile phones are being manufactured in such a way where user can get all the advanced features and stunning looks by spending a minimum amount of money. To satisfy the demand and needs of the modern day mobile phone users such as communications (verbal and non-verbal), entertainment, business, image capturing quality etc. all kinds of mobile phones manufacturers are competing with each other by introducing mobile phones with all the latest multimedia features and world-class functionalities.The only possible reason behind the enlargement of mobile handset market is nothing but cheap price and easy availability. Earlier days, when people used to spend lots of money for just an ordinary handset, they could have communicated either in a verbal or a non-verbal way but now by spending a lesser amount, they can easily avail a stunning multimedia-enabled mobile handset. These type of things happened only due to the expansion of mobile phone manufacturers’ businesses as they want to reach and fulfill the demands of each and every customer. The best way they chose for this is that they reduced the price of the mobile handsets.Now at this time, every mobile phones manufacturer is producing cheap mobile phones. Some of the brands those who are producing cheap mobile phones are – Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG Mobiles, Motorola, Blackberry and FLY, etc. These brands are known for their world-class features and characteristics with advanced specifications in camera settings, music players, in-built FM Radio and recorder, Internet browser, automatic flash features etc. Glossy stunning looks, candy bar body, open sliders, delicate casing, clam shells- these spectacular outlooks of mobile phones are now come under the cheap mobile phones section and any one can purchase these kind of mobile phones in low price. As cheap mobile handsets are easily available in the market, those who wish to have mobile phone in cheap rates can search mobile handsets on the Internet, at a glance they can see the prices and mobile phones stores across the globe. Any one can search out for cheap mobile handsets by just sitting in front of their PCs for a while and they can easily visit innumerable number of online mobile phone shops which are offering mobile handsets in cheap rates. There is another option, if any one wish to buy mobile phones with a cost-effective mobile phone deal the best way for them is that they just give a look upon the online mobile phone shops as these websites are one of the best secured place to buy cheap mobile phones.UK market has seen a erratic buildup in the mobile phone industry. Mobile phones have become an essential, rather than being an item of trend. This is the reason why many mobile phone manufacturers and service providers have come close to offer various range of cheap mobile phone contracts.A solitary contract with the leading service provider gives assurance a mobile phone user with the handset that comes with a SIM card and at an affordable price. This tactic of the handsets has made mobile phone contracts at anyone else’s i.e. students, youngsters, salaried, professionals or businessmen. So, with the mobile phone contract users can bring the home the latest handsets from any brand manufacturer and with any service provider that beats the user’s necessities. Mobile phone contract deals lead the user to enjoy numerous benefits with free handsets. With the mobile phone contracts user can benefit from long-term scheme with the improved handsets of his choice. Mobile phone contracts also provide benefits of wireless media which supports the newest appliances of mobile telephony. Well, in contract mobile phones user can sign-up for the minimum time frame of 6 months and can be stretch to 18 months under some particular service provider.Although, signing up the mobile phone contract with the network service providers like T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, 3 Mobile and Virgin user must know that he must look for take advantageous off like low call rates, free roaming, free 12 months line rental, free upgrade of mobile phone after a particular time frame, free text and multimedia messages, reduction in downloading and data transmission charges, reduction in peak hour call charges, and free mobile phone insurance. Moreover this advantageous with the mobile phone contract also permits the user to go for open choice in choosing trendy handsets from the array of phones like Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony Ericsson and LG.So, mobile telephony and entertainment can be very simple with the mobile phone contracts. Well, under the mobile phone contracts user can get an opportunity to buy the latest collection of handsets like Nokia N-96. Sony handset’s from the Sony Ericsson’s K series also available with mobile phone contracts in online UK shops. However aiming on the user type, mobile phone contract deals are first choice of the users who look into frequent handset change or checking out for the higher talk time at the affordable cost. Currently, finding a mobile phone contract scheme have been made easier by the online mobile phone companies and merchandise websites as they have stored a flurry of most demanding handsets that are tied -up with leading network providers.Steve Thomas originator of work to help for those who want information about contract mobile phones, mobile phone contract,mobile phone contracts. To Know more about mobile phone contract,mobile phone contracts mobile phone contracts contact also for SEO Services

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