291380031 33eb48c125 m Changing technological horizons of the display technologies
by jisc_infonet

There is a lot of craze among the people for the new audio-visual devices which can give them better viewing and listening experience. The technological leaps have been small and gradual, but very fast paced. This has led to change in the technological horizons of the display devices. Companies like Sony and others have been at the forefront of bringing these changes to the homes and office of the people.

If it were not for the light emitting diodes, the LED TV would be same as the LCD TV. The latter makes use of the liquid crystal display technology for displaying the images and videos on the screen whereas the former makes use of the light emitting diodes for the backlighting purposes. The LED TV is considered to be technologically superior to the LCD TV and capable of giving a far better viewing experience.

Both of them are more practical innovations to the older cathode ray tube based bulky TVs.

Some of the main features of these new age TVs are:

These are more practical in the sense that these can packed easily and can be fixed on the walls. This might seem to be a bit unnoticeable point but has great utility in areas of limited space. This is possible due to the sleek and slim designs of these TVs. The old CRT TV was quite bulky, had more depth which limited its placement on some cabinet. This also caused hindrances to the movement of people.

These LCD and LED TVs from reputed companies like Sony and others support the high definition features of the images and videos. This means that if the videos have been shot and recorded with cameras having more than 2 MP resolution levels, then these can be seen on these TVs with good deal of clarity.

The LED technology is considered to be a shred better than the LCD TV technology mainly due to better contrast ratios and wider viewing angles.

The backlighting in the LED gets switch off in the darker or black regions of the image which improves the contrast ratios. Further, if you view the screen from some angle from the centre of the TV, the viewing is better in case of the LED TV.

The improvement in the display technology has resulted in the making of these TV sets. The LED TVs are very costly and this is the reason for their limited entry into the drawing rooms of the people. The OLED TV, a further improvement over the LED TV does not require even the backlighting. It makes use of the Organic light emitting diodes for this purpose.

The researchers at top companies of the world, like Sony, are always working on newer technologies to further improve the display technologies and devices. This improvement is now sought to be introduced in the SED technology. This is believed to hold a lot of promise for the future since it combines the best of the old and the new technologies.

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