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High Quality Printing from any PC

notebook High Quality Printing from any PC Are you enjoying a beautiful day outside your office? Do you need high quality printing just where you are, no need to move and to work hard? The easy and reliable solution is, located in Montana amid some of the most pristine wilderness in the country. is the “America’s Print Shop”, built on sensible alternatives that help sustain the local and global environment, and enable it to keep its prices low on high-quality products.

This is a great way to do business and at the same time preserving the clean environment and natural beauty in which we work and play every day. uses paper made by Oji Paper Group. Oji is based in Japan and adheres to that country’s incredibly strict environmental standards. Oji obtains 60% of its pulp from recovered paper, and nearly all of the rest from its own well-managed tree plantations.

But the “America’s Print Shop” is loved by the customers also for other reasons, the prices, as example, that are very affordable, and the high number of products you can obtain just with a single click!

You can choose from brochures, business cards, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, booklets and many other printing ideas.

Absolutely a shop and a website to put in your favourites list! Consider that they also invite customers to visit their new 46,000 sq. ft. environmentally friendly facility in Livingston, MT.

Time for a trip to Livingston and Paradise Valley!

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Let’s boost CompactFlash speed

faster Lets boost CompactFlash speed Lexar will produce impressive new faster and higher capacity CompactFlash cards. Seems that these new cards will have a speed close to UDMA 6′s thereshold of 100MB/second. This means doubling the speed of actual cards!

Actual top cards from Lexar use UDMA standard, practically a transfer data speed of 45MB/second.

The new “UDMA 6″ cards will have also a capacity of 32GB, but only newer Single Lens Reflex cameras will support this faster technology.

A faster memory card can improve your life as photographer, you can shoot continuously, you can review the data more easily and also trasferring the photos will be faster, of course.

But this is not the maximum speed reachable. In 18 to 24 months will arrive the CFast CompactFlash card standard.

The CFast cards will use a SATA interface which will boost the transfer rate to an amazing 375MB/second.

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Work and study faster with the new Atom cpu

team Work and study faster with the new Atom cpu The new Atom cpu from Intel will make us work and study faster! These powerful netbook cpus are coming out a bit earlier than anticipated.

We are talking about the new Atom N280 from Intel, with a 1667 MHz clock, it will use 2 watts only. You’ll find the N280 in the Asus Eee Pc 1000HE and Acer Aspire One D150, but likely more netbooks will use it in the next months. Speed and energy savings are not the only features.

Along with the cpu, a new chipset, the GN40, will allow the Atom to play back HD video at 720p. It’s clear that Intel is trying to face the Nvidia Ion Platform which combines an Atom processor with an Nvidia chip, being able to reach 1080p HD graphics.

In april we’ll be able to see also a new Intel cpu, this time the clock will be at 1860 MHz. The name of the cpu is Z540, but I’m sure we’ll see even more features carried out by Intel for that month and the next ones.

In the meantime, let’s buy a new netbook with the Atom N280. Don’t forget to buy also a couple of movies to try the HD video!

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Search Engine Optimization Secrets

seotips Search Engine Optimization Secrets Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the traffic to your website from search engines via natural search results.

Having a Website does not automatically guarantee having traffic, even if you register the site with appropriate search engines. You have to keywording to rank high in searches and find keyword combinations and variations.

How this can be done in a Weblog? First of all, avoid any “strange systems” to improve your ranking. As example, writing a post putting 20 times the same word so you can use it as keyword. It probably won’t be useful on the long run and will ruin your reputation as Blogger.

Focus on the posts titles, finding a good balance between a good title for your readers and a good title for the search engines. Check also the directory structures and permalinks. Must have the full title on them!

Add individual keywords and descriptions for each post. Means you don’t have to use the main page description and keywords for all the posts. Each post must have its own specific description.

The descriptions must be very clear and explanatory of the Blog article. Keywords must be words contained in the article but first write the article naturally and only then think about the keywords. Natural posts are loved by readers, believe me!

This will boost your reputation and word of mouth will do the rest.

The next important thing to do is focusing on the backlinks. They will really improve your ranking. Boosting link popularity is a great way to success! LinkWorth can really help you in this! So check it as soon as possible.

Of course word of mouth will bring more backlinks, means links to your Weblog from fans and other Bloggers who love your posts!

Last but not least, the issue about submitting to the directories. They are useful, as it’s useful using shopping directories for e-commerce sites. But if you build a good backlinks network, you just need a few of them.

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New Technology in 2009

technology3 New Technology in 2009 Happy New Year! Let’s begin this year talking about the new technologies we’ll see in the next months.

For every PC enthusiast, I can tell that next processors will be really impressive, with Intel Core i7 that represents a real breakthrough since years! This new year also Intel will introduce its 32nm process. I’m sure this will bring tremendous more power and clock speeds.

Memories will be all DDR3 (Intel Core i7 has triple channel DDR3 memory), exactly 1,066MHz DDR3.

About graphics, Nvidia will produce the first GPUs to support GGDR5 memory. These will be the result of a 40nm process technology. The upcoming card from ATI will be practically another monster, enabling 1920×1200 in 16x AA/AF at 100 fps and even more.

About hard disks, there are rumors that manufacturers will be able to quadruple actual limits (1TB). Practically we’ll have high end hard drives with 4TBs and cheap drives of 1 and 2TBs. Dreams or reality? I just hope will be the same also for pendrives. These tiny little gadgets are sometimes even more useful than the bigger cousins.

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Gifts Time

gifts Gifts Time This is the first Christmas for my new Weblog. Of course I would like Santa to bring me visitors and fame!! But there are many other nice things:

A solution to the Global Crisis. Yes, seems obvious, but it is not… by the way, considering the good amount of shopping and sales, this month, worldwide, the solution is very near.

A 120GB Zune from the Microsoft Store. Up to 30,000 songs, or 25,000 pictures, or 375 hours of video. A very nice gadget!

An RC Helicopter at Electric radio control helicopters are the new trend of this year! Like modern helicopters, they can ascend, hover, yaw to the left and right, go forward.

A good book from Alibris. Yes, why not? It is not true that tech people read less. We always love a good book!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and beautiful Holidays with family and friends! Next article will be in 2009, a great year for everyone, I’m sure.

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Smartphones and Netbooks will save us

technology2 Smartphones and Netbooks will save us Seems that Technology industry will have enough difficulties in 2009, considering the global nature of the recession, but smartphones and netbooks will sell well.

Smartphones are mobile phones with Personal Digital Assistants hearts. They offer features that can not be found in standard phones, like MP3 players, Web browsers, Bluetooth, Voice recording, Digital cameras, Video recording, GPS. And of course there are also innovative games that use the power of the smartphones systems.

Many consumers in 2009 will upgrade from old cell phones to smartphones and they will buy special services or software especially designed for these nice gadgets.

Netbooks are very small, light-weight laptops, primarily used for Internet based services such as web browsing, e-mailing and instant messaging. They are also suitable for office and educational software.

In 2009, consumers will buy also these mini-notebook computers. Industry sources say computer makers sold more than 11 million netbooks worldwide in 2008, and netbook sales will double in the new year.

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