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Embracing New Construction Technologies

5890433229 e65f301cfc m Embracing New Construction Technologies
by The Official CTBTO Photostream



India is known as a land of opportunities; leads for those people who want to contribute their efforts in providing better quality affordable housing solution for common man. With such a high density of people in urban areas along with huge pressure on natural resources; it is a pertinent to provide affordable housing without reducing on sustainable approach towards environment.


Driven by improving urbanisation, rising incomes and decreasing household sizes, the residential demand in India has been on an upswing over the past few years. The Working Committee of the 11th Plan (2007-12) has concluded that the total shortage of dwelling units at the beginning of Eleventh Plan Period i.e. 2007 was 24.7 million with more than 70 per cent of the shortage of dwelling units is for middle and low income brackets. Unfortunately this figure is often overlooked by development agencies because of lower profitability as the construction cost of buildings built from conventional construction technologies is very expensive and affordable housing doesn’t generate better returns for these agencies.


At present, our construction system is outdated and time consuming; since it takes long time to construct a building due to old and conventional techniques, the overall overall price of progression goes up which ultimately is borne by developers who ultimately have no choice except escalating the price of property; thus these properties are seldom affordable to people.


Solution to the above problem is development of a faster, more highly efficient, and sustainable technology to address India’s affordable housing shortage, one that could stimulate large scale industrialization of prefabricated technology in the housing industry.

The major cost benefits of prefabricated structures derive from the speed of construction and the optimisation of raw material. Integrated engineering design and detailing enable prefabricated buildings to be erected at a fraction of the time than a conventional building. These time savings contribute to lower interest during construction and have the advantage of commencing commercial activities far earlier. The optimisation of raw material reduces the material cost of the building, and the lighterweight of the structures brings about significant savings in the foundation cost. Avoiding complexities, a pre engineered concrete building efficiently replaces conventional methodologies of constructing a building. Thus, with these modern methodologies, large buildings do not require years for construction and finishing.


The low cost construction technologies can be used in several affordable mass housing schemes such as Rajiv Awas Yojna (RAY) that have already been undertaken for urban areas. This beneficiary of this scheme is entitled to the financial assistance of Rs. 45000~ $ 1,000for the construction of house. In order to construct house at such a nominal cost requires an innovation breakthrough in construction technology. All over the world efforts are being made to design a house which is liveable, sustainable and involves low cost of construction. Recently, students in Massachusetts Institute of Technology attempted to design a low cost affordable house for people. They named this project as “1K house.”


Projectwell Management Pvt. Ltd. along with the world’s renowned architecture firm KieranTimberlake proposed India Concept House (ICH) which is affordable, solid, sustainable, and quick-to-erect housing solution for Tier II and Tier III cities in India’s composite climate zone. The ICH addresses a new market, one that pairs a shortage of 19.4 million housing units with the need for sustainable growth. This is a single dwelling unit house in sizes of 38, 68 and 98 SqM, which are modular, built from manufactured panels, with integrated services components like electrical and plumbing. The components of ICH include a wall panel, door panel, window panel, partition wall and roof plank. These components use precast concrete technology, designed to be factory made and assembled on site.


Thus, changing conventional technology to new quick-to-build technology in construction industry is the need to this hour and developers have also now started experimenting with these technologies. It is important to embrace these new technologies to projects in order to fill the housing gap in urban areas.


Sibani Sarma is an MBA with a degree in Architecture, spent fifteen years in research and consultancy in real estate and construction. She writes on subjects related to Real Estate in India and Development Management in India.



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Beneficial Hot Water Technologies

5890999718 3815e6f01c m Beneficial Hot Water Technologies
by The Official CTBTO Photostream

As most countries today are now industrialized, commodities are continuously being produced in different types of manufacturing facilities at a fast pace. Products such as meat, soft drinks, and other goods are heavily produced to be proliferated in the world’s markets. Facilities for production utilize heavy machinery to reach a company’s desired output in commodities.

Factories use water for a wide variety of purposes in preparing finished products. For example, meat processing plants use hot water for sanitation purposes while soft drink companies need hot water for heating and sanitizing their cans and bottles as containers of their products. Hot water is very essential in the production of goods.

There are many different technologies today that contribute to a processing plants efficiency to produce quality products. Technologies such as waste water heat recovery, boiler stack economizer, hot water heaters, etc. offer the necessary measures to provide companies quality water heating and energy saving capability. These measures lower the production costs of a company and increase its capability to produce.

Boiler stack heat recovery is applied by companies to captured waste energy that escapes to the atmosphere. Boiler stacks are designed to heat water anywhere from 140 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on its capacity as a single stage or dual stage stack economizer. Boiler stacks heat water using waste energy that normally escapes to the atmosphere through ventilation systems.

Stacks are normally set up on facility roofs to capture exhaust gases.

Utilizing direct contact water heaters are an efficient choice in water heating. The direct contact of cold water and rising hot gas from burners produces a rapid heat transfer, putting almost 100% of heat energy into the water. When water is heated, it goes to the necessary storage tank ready for use. Direct contact water heater produce hot water with 95 to 100 percent efficiency, which is better than the conventional 60 to 65 percent outputs in many factories.

In today’s water heating technology like direct contact water heaters and boiler stacks, the production and efficiency of industrial plants can be improved. Other than efficiency, energy and cost reduction is offered by various companies utilizing water heating technology. Advancements in technology have allowed companies to maximize their profit and utilize waste energy for cheaper production costs and a cleaner environment.

If you have questions, please visit us at for complete details and answers.

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Liquid Level Sensing Technologies

7563568766 39329606af m Liquid Level Sensing Technologies
by BC Gov Photos

Medical equipment today, especially diagnostics instruments, utilize a multitude of fluids. From depleting reagent containers to filling waste tanks, now more than ever there are liquid levels to monitor and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are looking for new and innovative sensors to handle the job. Subsequently, medical equipment engineers are finding real benefits by teaming up with sensor experts.

Each of today’s liquid level sensing technologies excels in various roles and primarily includes the following types:

• Float or Buoyancy

• Pressure

• onductivity

• Load Cells

• Capacitance

• Piezo Resonant

• Ultrasonic

• Optical


Pros: Non-powered, proven, direct indication

Cons: Invasive, contact fluids, moving parts

Typical Applications: Water Tanks, saline, buffer, and reagent bottle content monitoring

With a variety of materials, float switches can be compatible with most fluids. The most simple and inexpensive of the group utilize a reed switch that is actuated by a magnet embedded in a float that moves with the liquid level. This offers a very direct, reliable, and repeatable method of monitoring the liquid level within a tank.

A magnetic field actuates the mechanical reed switch, so there are no power requirements to drive the sensor.

Floats need to be inside the tank, in contact with the fluid. Volume displaced by a float sensor results in less fluid, or requirements for a larger container. Additionally, as diagnostic instrumentation footprints decrease smaller float sensors become less effective by decreasing the buoyancy of the float.


Pros: No moving parts, low cost

Cons: Invasive, probe erosion, liquid needs to be conductive

Typical Applications: Boiler water, reagent monitoring

These sensors rely on the conductive nature of many fluids. In its simplest form, two metallic probes extend into a tank, one with a low voltage and the other cut so the tip is at the actuation point. When the liquid comes into contact with both probes, the current flows across the probes and a switch actuation occurs.


Pros: No moving parts, can be non-invasive, accurate

Cons: Continuous calibration, needs resistive liquids

Typical Applications: Reagent, waste, and wash container levels

Capacitive sensors have the potential of being contact or non-contact sensors. The operational premise is to measure the difference of dielectric properties between air and liquid media to determine level by identifying the presence or absence of liquid inside a container. A dielectric property of a substance is the quality of a material to resist holding an electrical charge. When a change in level causes a change in the total dielectric of the capacitance system, the capacitance measurement is used to indicate level. A container wall (when it has stable conductive properties) can be used to achieve non-contact sensing.

Where all elements stay absolutely consistent, capacitance sensors can provide reliable results.


Pros: No moving parts, small, accurate

Cons: Expensive, invasive

Typical Applications: Large process tanks pharmaceutical

Ultrasonic technology has long been used in a variety of sensor types: contact, non-contact, invasive, and non-invasive. The operating principal in all types resonate a desired frequency and convert electric energy into acoustic energy to infer liquid level. The non-contact version bounce sound waves off the surface of fluid, measures the return time, and compares the time to the calibrated time it takes for that same frequency sound wave to travel from the top, to the bottom, and back in an empty tank.

Contact versions use sound transmissions to detect the presence of liquid or a change in state. A transmitting crystal sends sound waves to a receiving crystal. While immersed, sound waves are dispersed as apposed to the absence of fluid or air. Circuitry in the sensors analyzes the signal strength and actuates a switch appropriately. Regardless of the type, ultrasonic sensors are highly accurate, can be small, and are solid state.

Even though they are highly accurate, ultrasonic sensors can be fairly expensive and require a power source for operation. While available in a variety of materials suitable for critical fluids, contact ultrasonic switches must be inserted into the tank or bottle, usually through a threaded fitting in the tank sidewall. In addition, the technology can deliver false positive readings from fluctuations in material composition such as air pockets or bubbles, foam, and solid particles in the liquid.


Pros: Non-invasive/non-contact, accurate, repeatable, and economical

Cons: Powered, works only with plastic containers, wall thickness, temperature limitations

Typical Applications: Reagents, waste, diluents, wash, saline, pure water

New to the scene is the piezo-resonant sensor, which also uses ultrasonic energy but with a twist. This type of ultrasonic sensor allows non-contact fluid sensing through the walls of plastic bottles and containers. At this time, Piezo-resonant technology is recently patented to the ExOsense™ sensors introduced just this year by Gems Sensors & Controls.

ExOsense™ sensors adhere to the outside of plastic bottles/containers. It can be mounted anywhere on the outside of the tank to provide high, low or any intermediate point level fluid sensing. It is limited to certain types of tanks and bottles. The container must be plastic, although it is unaffected by the color or transparency, the wall of the container can be no thicker than a 1/4 inch. In addition, high temperatures can degrade and melt the PVDF film within the sensor.


Pros: Compact, no moving parts, high temperature capability

Cons: Invasive, powered, and can be effected by dry or coating media

Typical Applications: Reagents, waste, dialysate, detergent/wash, and coolant

Electro-optic sensors integrate an optical prism tied to solid-state circuitry combining an infrared light emitter and receiver with transistorized switching. They are low cost, compact, level sensors with built-in switching electronics. With no moving parts, these small units are ideal for a variety of point level sensing applications especially where dependability and economy are a must. These sensors are suitable for high, low or intermediate level detection in practically any tank top, large or small. Installation is simple and quick through the tank top, bottom or side.

Unfortunately, their performance is hindered by reflected light, such as in a small reflective tanks, bubbles, or coating fluids. Although they protrude very little into a container, they still require an entry through the container wall and must come into contact with fluids.

There are many choices for monitoring liquid level, and selecting the ideal sensor for any application can be challenging simply due to the number of options. Identifying a knowledgeable partner with broad product expertise and good application experience is often the best course for a quick and successful solution. By choosing a competent sensors company to work with, your design group can reduce risk, optimize resources, and speed development.

Gems™ Sensors & Controls – A division of Danaher Corporation is a leading manufacturer of level switches , pressure switches, pressure transducers, flow switches, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and liquid level control units for use in a broad range of fluids across industry. We are a fortune 500 company with an international presence. Our products feature an ever-expanding selection of fluidic and pressure sensing technologies. Started in 1955, today, our designs and manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, and pre-assembled fluidic systems.

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Distance Education and Technology

4235657732 25a865c18a m Distance Education and Technology
by TheGiantVermin

“Education” word derives from Latin word “educate” this simply means “bring up” which works with a thing educate so earn. Within a manner it can be accustomed to produce the skill-sets and potential of us by providing them any formal and informal education.

Education helps individuals broadening their thinking, which assists them in observing the belief that and figures. Vitamin c also helps them to generate their very own personal decisions in reaching their destiny.

Together with the current economic scenario, where every day life is too quickly, everybody is busy rolling around in its own race. Tiers very impossible for people to end it or even just to go its speed.

Everyone needed to do their best to tie him as per the pace of life. Whenever we will not likely think fact seriously, we are going to find ourselves far behind within the progress around the globe right away. So, it really is imperative that you run with life as outlined by its speed.

On this planet, where most people are trying to earn its living or perhaps is running when the success, nobody has any spare time. They’ve already made their lives “machine” to earn their livelihood together with this purpose; they worked constantly without thinking about the difference between for 24 hours. An excellent soul has long for being faraway places when getting their required education. So, they typically got assistance in the different means, like satellite education channels, virtual reality, etc.

By using satellite education, they are going to easily receive the relevant material without attending the lectures and classes physically. Truthfully, they will get you will discover form of help at their doorstep through that way. It will aid them often, like they never require anywhere, and they’re going to manage to save their work-time, etc.

So, it’s all regulated became possible with the progress of technology. We can use it to educate individual’s social issues, ailments and the like.

And finally, you may express that education additionally, the through the use of satellite technology may be proven very therapeutic for humanity some thing properly in best.

Esarwawilliamsis a Content Writter.He has published articles in differnt Catagories,  News,Blogs,Social media and Technology. For more information visit  and Hottest Startups 2012

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Sorts of Technological innovation

3463716076 dbf702ca22 m Sorts of Technological innovation
by scribbletaylor

Technological know-how features permeated just about every sector in addition to made a ” new world “. There are lots of areas which have been drastically inspired through engineering science. Lots of enhancement and also efficiency has become realized consequently. Though there are several views, the two bad in addition to constructive, regarding technologies, almost everything your influence it’s had with quite a few expanding market sectors.

There are various strategies to sort the ways that they technological innovation is actually employed. To supply a great understandable tactic, we’re going to record them while varieties of engineering science. For instance ,;• Aesculapian technologies – this kind of refers to more than just adjective techniques used to deal with affected individuals for the duration of surgical procedures or for life documentation. Professional medical engineering science goes exterior medical surroundings. You can find those that require medical assistance even in their residences or even although operating in an attempt to proceed the daily activities correctly. People with experiencing problems can offer this particular remedied with the use of cochlear implants. Whoever has absent arms or legs – feet, biceps – might get augmentations as well as well as approach lifetime normally. Elderly people from time to time go of largeness therefore they need O provision also is obtainable. Professional medical technology supports as well as guarantees a continual regarding lifetime.• Management technology – this particular in essence describes gear and other resources accustomed to service daily undertakings inside places of work and office structures.

Such as models, photocopiers, fax and copy machines, listen to music, industrial vacuums, and so forth.

• Instructional technology – that encompasses technological know-how which are employed to teach, find out along with communicate sure thoughts effectively. These include television set, desktops, software package, the internet, videotapes along with video recording equipment, a few. These types of important because they offer selective information along with speak diversely. Just about every engineering will be utilized using the subject material and the meant effect.• Assistive technological know-how – that is crucial with community. It is primarily accustomed to support those in the neighborhood with issues, whether or not any learning disability, physiological or even internal.

This sort of technological know-how employs specialised equipment, instructing components and also services which will allow him or her conduct as well as office of their environment.• Information technology – this really is for you to impregnate know-how by way of crucial methods as well as resources. By far the most utilized way of i . t presently would be the web.All these technological know-how can be used on their own as well as together. All of them are needed and of importance to the roll-out of a community and also a state all together. Withal, over reliance on technology must be ascertained. There’re designed to assistance you build certainly not vege out and be sedentary. By making use of abovementioned technological know-how, we ought to produce, domesticate yourself along with types.

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Chicago technology careers

2240432052 b5ff5b800c m Chicago technology careers
by stuant63

The job disaster is slowly turning wherein you can now days find many people getting employment from time to time. But it is also possible that definitely there are numbers of people who are really moving in the unemployed condition with the passage of time. These people might slowly start feeling in which think they are not capable to get recruit anymore. In actuality it is correct that many people are in fact pulled out of the job criterion because they are presently unemployed with zero working knowledge when compared to the passage of time after completing degrees.

These days each business requires a section that is responsible for installing and maintaining the newest version of technology. These technologies are accessed at the cost of new and young generations. New and latest computer skills are very necessary to adapt new technologies for every business growth and development and these are the need of today’s job market. So to fulfill the job requirements there should be some ways in which these unemployed people must also get working. They can be made trained for sometime before going further. There are many resources accessible for these people on internet which they can absolutely make utilize of it very efficiently while trying to get grip of the best possible profession in the society. Many resources are very fast and reliable to get hold of the right kind of job within very short period of time without any issue. The basic step required to hold up the job opportunities is to build up your mind with the strong determination that you will definitely land in a much secured job. It is advised here to seek for all the job agencies and websites allowing the post of your resume.

It will also be good to take up certain career opportunities using internet where you can at least earn some cash along with the career search and of course your unemployed condition will be distorted to employ with no issues. In fact it will explore the career choices and you will be able to even find out many new opportunities in the coming society. is a global outsourcing solution which provides excellent job listing for best career opportunities. This firm is providing us with software development, QA manager jobs US, Part time jobs in Chicago, Business and Accounting Careers in Chicago, Financial Technology Jobs in Chicago and other CIO/CTO recruitment Chicago.

Chicago Technology Jobs and careers

Chicago IT Jobs

Chicago Information Technology

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Vdn Otl Tube Technology

7563572340 c036a1bdf8 m Vdn Otl Tube Technology
by BC Gov Photos

OTL (“Output Transformerless”) tube amplifiers are existing for as long as 40 yrs., and they were always highly appreciated by the serious audiophiles searching for the ultimate sound reproduction. But, with all adoration, OTLs hardly tamed temper (impedance sensitivity, operation reliability) limited their possession to the very few audio enthusiasts.

The goal of VDN’s engineers was to reach this gem design by meeting the highest possible requirements of the modern fastidious audio community. The REX-100 mono integrated tube OTL amplifier is designed with the sole purpose to reflect the harmonic structure of the real life music, hence enabling the listener to experience his feelings completely immersing its essence… it is our believeing that our OTL approaches the unparalleled sound to the electrostats, as well as to electrodynamic loudspeakers additionally enabling the precisely defined bass reproduction…Why we decided to build OTL 12+ years, ago ?The story is very interesting…11 years ago the first production started, but the initial idea of building the OTL amplifier came 2+ years earlier, through a local audiophile, a close friend to both VDN’s owners. And there was another one who not only belonged to the circle of audiophiles but was professionally involved with High End audio. With such a small team, but truly armed with all neccessary knowledges and experience, it was just the matter of time for successfull birth of the very sophisticated OTL amplifier. It took 2+ years to reach the prototype and almost an extra year to come to the production-ready REX-100 OTL.What we believe REX-100′s highlights are ?- beautiful, natural sound with extraordinary 3-dimensional stage and rich powerfull bass, which is more felt than heard- very reliable operation, even with the toughest loads- minimum signal path throughout the amplifier- compact design which doesn’t occupy much space in the room- distinctive looks – simple, yet elegant* after all, why “REX”; it is a latin word for the KING and we beleieve it is…


The VDN team

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Applied Media Technologies Corporation

7563570508 92b8738b68 m Applied Media Technologies Corporation
by BC Gov Photos

Eos Music

AMTC launched its new Internet-based music service, Eos Music, in May 2009. Eos’ 65 music channels are comprised primarily of independent artists and are directly licensed . The direct licensing allows AMTC to avoid payments to the performing rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC), resulting in a lower price point than the Sirius offering.

AMTC offers two MP3 player devices in conjunction with the Eos service, the Eclipse (a standalone MP3 player requiring the customer to update music and messaging periodically using a SecureDigital card and a personal computer), and the Horizon (a store-and-forward Ethernet-based device). Both devices deliver AMTC’s messaging content and music on the same device.

SIRIUS Music for Business

In 2003, AMTC began reselling Sirius Satellite Radio’s music channels to business customers, under the brand name SIRIUS Music for Business. Under this arrangement, AMTC pays a monthly fee to performing rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, to ensure that customers can legally play the music in a business setting. The channels available via SIRIUS Music for Business are identical to the music channels available to consumer subscribers but are licensed for business audio use. Some of these channels feature occasional interruptions such as sounders and DJ talk.

AMTC claims that the high look angle of Sirius’ satellites, coupled with the site diversity provided by multiple satellites and a network of terrestrial repeaters, virtually eliminates rain fade. The highly elliptical orbit of the Sirius satellite constellation can pose difficulties for the reliable delivery of the signal stationary antennas in certain parts of the country.

To address this concern, Sirius has vastly increased its network of terrestrial repeaters and activated its first geostationary satellite to augment signal strength for non-mobile customers such as those of SIRIUS Music for Business.

Sirius Music for Business is used in several hotels, retail stores, automotive dealerships and restaurant chains, including Big Boy Restaurants and Huddle House. In 2006, AMTC executed agreements to install Sirius Business in Yum Brands (A&W, Long John Silver’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), FOCUS Brands (Carvel, Cinnabon, Schlotzsky’s and Moe’s Southwest Grill) and Wendy’s stores, among others. AMTC’s SIRIUS offering is featured in many of the same automotive dealerships that sell SIRIUS in cars, including Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen of America, Volvo, Chrysler, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Mazda among others.

AMTC renewed its contract with Sirius in September 2009 for another three years.


AMTC’s on-hold messaging is utilized in a variety of businesses, including restaurants, automotive dealerships, van lines and airlines, hotels and fitness centers. High-profile clients include Allstate Insurance, Morgan Stanley, Spherion and Raymond James Financial. In 2008, the TelAdvantage offering was expanded to include overhead messaging in retail stores and automotive showrooms. AMTC manufactures two digital MP3 player devices for this purpose, the iQueue 3.5 and the RemoteLink IP.

AMTC Timeline

1991 – AMTC begins operations in Tampa, FL as an on-hold messaging vendor.

1993 – AMTC releases its patented Optical Disk Repeater 1000. The device was the first compact disc-based “on hold” player on the market.

1998 – AMTC revamps the ODR-1000 with its TraxMaster, and added the iQueue (a removable memory card player) and the RemoteLink td64, which permitted remote-initiated downloading of messages via a modem.

2000 – AMTC moves into its new 10,000-square-foot (930 m2) headquarters in Clearwater, FL

2000 – AMTC installs its RemoteLink td64 in every Bally Total Fitness gym.

2003 – AMTC signs agreement to be the national provider of Sirius Satellite Radio for businesses.

2003 – AMTC introduces a third CD-based “on hold” player, the TraxMaster II, and releases the iQueue II, a CompactFlash-based MP3 player for “on hold” messaging. The iQueue II works in conjunction with, the first web-based distribution system for “on hold” messages.

2004 – AMTC becomes a preferred on-hold messaging vendor for Nationwide Insurance and rolls out its iQueue II digital messaging player to the offices of Royal Caribbean.

2005 – Major endorsements and partnerships include Daimler-Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, Raymond James Financial, and Allstate Insurance.

2006 – Major partnership deals signed include Yum! Brands, FOCUS Brands, Huddle House, Big Boy Restaurants, Piggly Wiggly, Cici’s Pizza, Sysco Foodservice and Wendy’s International.

2007 – AMTC announces national rollouts of Sirius Business to Volkswagen of America dealers and McCoy’s Building Supply stores.

2007 – AMTC announces it has updated all the components in the Sirius Business Equipment Kit and promises more product updates this year.

2007 – AMTC installs SIRIUS service in the new team headquarters of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the speakers and amplifiers driving the Mountain Dew Extreme Zone in Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays.

2008 – AMTC becomes the national music and messaging vendor for True Value and its subsidiaries, as well as Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness, among others.

2008 – AMTC more than doubles its sound equipment line, offering several new rack-mountable amplifiers and specialty speakers.

2009 – AMTC releases the iQueue 3.5, an updated version of the iQueue III, as well as the RemoteLink IP, an Internet-based store and forward MP3 player device for on-hold and in-store music and messaging.

2009 – AMTC announces the launch of Eos Music, a new value-priced, Internet-delivery background music service.

2009 – AMTC renews its reseller contract with Sirius XM through 2012.

External links

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AMTC’s TelAdvantage site, AMTC’s “on hold” message distribution site

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National Piggly Wiggly Owner’s Association – Piggly Wiggly endorses AMTC/Sirius as their preferred background music provider

American Express Restaurant Briefing March-April 2006 – AMEX discusses the particulars of Sirius Business, VP Sales/Marketing Clayton Burton quoted

Satellite Standard Group – Interview with research and development manager Matt Holden


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Global Tracking Technology

2671635532 e411ae31d4 m Global Tracking Technology
by david.orban

Advance GPS tracking solutions for Containers,vehicles,Packages and People. Basically, the GPS or the Global Positioning System tracking is really a powerful and innovative tool used by a lot of people nowadays.It impressively determines the exact location of a certain person, asset, vehicle, location, and the like. The information is easily transmitted through certain devices such as mobile phones, GPS trackers, and computers with Internet. Any information can usually be viewed real time with a map to help anyone to locate whatever his subject is easily and quickly.

Here are some of the major benefits that the GPS tracking can give:

Avoidance of risks that often happen while driving. Safety is indeed one of the best things that the GPS can cater. This is because if one is installed in a car, law enforcers can easily locate it in cases of accidents and other forms of emergency such as car theft. It is always possible to track down the location of a car with the use of this system.
Low car insurance rates. Cars with GPS tracking application are usually given only minimal insurance rates by most car insurance companies compared to those that do not have one. Therefore, in total, you only dont enjoy convenience and security but as well as a small amount of money saved from insurance.

Moreover, the GPS tracking system does not just end in giving benefits to car owners. These days, it already becomes beneficial to parents and children alike. Parents can easily locate the whereabouts of their children anytime they wish to know it. Meaning, if the parents have constant monitoring of their children, they worry less about thinking of where their children are.

The GPS tracking system is becoming a part and parcel of almost everyones lives these days. Indeed, this innovation has made way to a lot of comfort and convenience to a number of people already. However, not everyone is familiar with what is GPS tracking. This is especially true for people who do not own or operate a car and do not welcome sports in their lives.

For more interesting information about GPS tracking services and GPS tracking application technology visit

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In Defense of Older Knowledge, Technology

7982146269 2c1886c705 m In Defense of Older Knowledge, Technology
by Central Sussex College

People in the high-tech industries don’t like to demonstrate knowledge of older technology. In some circles of the computer field such knowledge actually carries a stigma!

There are valid arguments for using NEW technology whenever possible. Older technology at whatever level is a mixture of elegance and crudeness, with old questions answered and new questions left unanswered, problems left unsolved. Newer technology answers some of those new questions, solves some of those problems, and so it makes sense to move on from there instead of living and working as though those questions were never answered. It just makes common sense to move beyond early stages of development when the opportunity is there, and especially if the marketplace demands it. Most young people (and a lot of old people, too) tend to take this view, and lace it with scorn for the old.

As a result, some people will avoid mention of older stuff except in a disparaging sentence.

How far should we carry this attitude? Is E = mc² (discovered about 80 years ago) out of date? Is c² = a² + b² (determined around 2,500 years ago) old-fashioned? Or are these timeless principles? Granted, these are abstractions (rather than technology), but so is Object-Oriented logic.

Campers sometimes use gaslights on their trips through woods. In a gaslight a piece of material is burned to an ash, and the ash glows brightly as gas burns in it. I saw streetlights on a historic street on Boston’s Beacon Hill that used gas in that way. I remember thinking, “Amazing! We can actually get that much light, without electricity!” I had to catch myself and realize that my thinking was strangely upside-down. A hundred years ago with the introduction of the incandescent bulb people were thinking, “Amazing! That light that can be produced without flame, without oil or gas!” This was considered progress. And I looked at it backwards, with the same sense of wonder!

Though I’d worked in computer programming for years for big companies, my first home computer was a crude second-hand laptop, and my first exposure to the Internet was at a very low baud rate with very limited resources. But I gained a pretty good reputation with some educated people on a few newsgroups because these people considered my postings to be well-reasoned, well-thought-out, and well-expressed. Given the overwhelming number of posts with bad spelling, bad grammar, bad ideas, and good ideas expressed in bad ways with poor communication, these people considered my writing to be a breath of fresh air (I just know that some of my flame-prone colleagues will take issue with that statement). I did what I could using limited resources. We don’t have to look far to see more examples of people doing just that. Old mainframe programs may contain “spaghetti code” and heavy use of language features now considered “verboten,” but the programs also contain creative coding that managed space and run-time economically back in days when those resources were scarce and expensive. Japanese in past generations built thin paper houses to stretch their extremely limited natural resources. When I see people with what I call “Starship” computers with tremendous resources — superfast processors, huge RAM, superhuge capacity hard drives, advanced and versatile programs, and wizardlike peripherals — yet lack basic communication skills, basic historical and cultural knowledge, the essential elements of a classical education, I’m appalled. I actually have more respect and admiration for someone who accomplishes great feats with knowledge, insights, and intuitive leaps using crude, limited resources than I have for semi-literate people with generous resources at their disposal.

To support older ideas, let’s note that Isaac Newton was asked how he’d made his discoveries and accomplishments; despite the nasty things Stephen Hawking says about him, he humbly answered, “I stood on the shoulders of giants.” Even though what he did surpassed the deeds of his predecessors, he regarded them with respect, realizing that he couldn’t have reached so high without their support.

While older technology is relatively crude, it does do the job for which it was designed. There are many long-standing software applications and systems that continue to do useful work. Information technology not as sophisticated as today’s state of the art made it possible for companies to do business on a mega scale unheard of previously. Computer data-gathering and interpreting years ago made it possible to map the ocean floor, produce chromosomal maps, and really primitive computers used in the paleolithic 1960s made it possible for men to go to the moon and come back alive with pieces of it.

In his book “Small is Beautiful,” E. F. Shumacher wrote about the limits of the world’s resources, that not everybody in the world could live like a “little American” because of those limits. He suggested that less developed nations could get along well on intermediate technologies. But Schumacher threw light on a kind of ignorance many of us have, a limiting premise that if a problem can’t be solved using the latest technology, it can’t be solved — it just seems to make common sense that earlier technologies cannot solve problems if later technologies can’t.

We tend to think of technological advancement as an ordinal progression, rather than an expansion in different directions. CD-R burner drives are preferred over zip disks in desktop computers as the compact disks have greater storage capacity, but that doesn’t mean that zip drives are a more primitive technology. (Actually, files can be stored more quickly on a zip disk than on a CD, no special software is required to write the files, and the zip disk is in a sturdy casing that protects it from damage unlike the CD.) Computer pioneers John Mauchley and J. Presper Eckert, inventors of the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer), had plans to produce concurrent computer processors, but serial processors took off and concurrent processors fell by the wayside; that doesn’t mean that concurrent processing is an old-fashioned, primitive, or inferior concept (ironically, serial or Von Neumann processor-based programs may PRETEND to be concurrent processors through use of semaphores, mutexes, critical sections, etc.).

At this writing, Visual Studio .NET is a rising technological advancement in increasing demand in companies. It automatically provides the interfaces for modules written in different languages so they can interact, an ability that could otherwise be provided only by COM (Component Object Modeling). It enables people to develop software more quickly than with previous development environments. Yet this wonderful “new” development seems to be based on language principles that have been around for more than three decades and which were introduced over 25 years ago in Digital Equipment Corporation’s VAX computer. Perhaps we ought to call it “primitive”?

And if you don’t mind my getting science-fictionish, an episode of classic “Star Trek” (notice that “classic” is the new euphemism for “old”?) had the Enterprise’s landing party go to an Earth colony where the inhabitants were dying of radiation-induced aging. The landing party too started to age, except for Ensign Pavel Chekov. Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy remembered that Chekov entered a building, saw an extremely aged dead body, and ran out in fright. McCoy made the connection that adrenaline shot through Chekov’s system and made him resistant to radiation. Dr. Janet Wallace said that another medicine, hironaline, was used in radiation treatment instead, but “Bones” said that adrenaline was used in earlier radiation treatment research. A serum containing adrenaline was given to the surviving agers and they were restored to their proper biological ages. A recommendation was made to the Federation scientific community to include adrenaline in further studies on radiation.

The point is that not all old ideas are useless, primitive, nor naïve, and not all new ideas are better. Sometimes an idea is abandoned because of economics (greater market share for an idea that’s not as good), and sometimes a good idea just doesn’t have the charm or allure of a lesser idea.

Wilfred D. DeVoe is a software developer/programmer who has worked in both full-time permanent and consulting roles in public and private sectors. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science (Boston University) and Psychology (Salem State College). His education and interests give him a unique perspective he likes to share with colleagues and interested people.

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