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Types Of Portable Media Storage Devices

P33 7100 main sp Types Of Portable Media Storage Devices Go out to the market and you will find varieties of USB devices for storage. The range is diversified from small flash drives to big external USB disc drives. These can be used to copy or store data from laptops or PCs or even servers. Lets go through the available portable media storage options in today’s world.

USB Media Storage – USB Flash Drive

A very portable and of course the most usual and regular type of USB media storage is the USB key or USB Flash Drive. Now these vary from one another in their storage capacity. Generally these have the capacity which start from 4 Gigabytes and may go up to 32 gigabytes. However now the market offers us USB flash drives which has the storage capacity of 128 Gigabytes. One of the typical features of these gadgets is its portability. These comes in different sizes which may vary from three inches and can be even less. The main focus of these media storage gadgets are the transportability rather than the storage which also enables them to be attached to the key chains and can even be carried in pockets and also worn as a chain. The cost depends on the capacity of data storage and also the portability and the other facility the USB storage device offers. However USB flash drives are the best USB media storage device if you have limited data to store.

Media Storage – DVD

The market today offers another media storage device- DVD. However your computer needs to support a DVD burner so that you may use this USB media storage device. The price of this gadget depends on the capacity to store data and its make and manufacture. This can store up to 8 GB of information. However this gadget is slower than USB Flash Drives i.e. is to say the reading writing and the transferring process is a bit slow but not cumbersome. For cheaper Media storage device and for substantial amount of data this very much recommendable.

External Hard Disk Drive

It is always wise to keep a back up of all the data in the computer hard disk as there is always a chance of hard disk crash and all the information that are stored in the hard disk may get lost. At these times your external hard disk is your savior. It is easy to store Terabytes of information in these drives at the speed of jet. Some of these `drives even come with recovery software to ensure back up. These are a bit costlier ones. As the capacity of storage is higher, sized around 8 inches in length and a bit heavy, these drives require secondary power sources. If there is the requirement of storing more than 500 GBs of Data, these ones are ideal for you.

External Hard Disc Drive Powered by USB

The most used media storage device today is the USB powered External Hard Disc Drive. It is as flexible as the USB flash drive but only with the ability to store a greater amount of data. It is very much similar to the external hard disk drive with the only difference that it does not need any other source of power. It can be easily fitted into the USB ports of the computer and can be used without any other source of power. This USB media storage device is generally 5inches long and 3 inches wide. This size makes the device compact and transportable yet its storage capacity cannot be challenged as it can store almost 1 terabyte of information. The price of this device is higher than the others because of its better features and utility which makes it the more user friendly than all the media storage devices.

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The New Economy

new economy The New Economy While the transition from brick-and-mortar businesses to digital pixels will never be complete — after all, we are social creatures — more and more the Internet will become the de facto platform for profiling and finding goods and services. Indeed, the marketing resource par excellence, Marketing Sherpa, has predicted online markets and search will be the most desired marketing fields in the coming years. The new crux of our modern economy has less and less to do with traditional markets and more and more to do with online markets.

Without the proper amount of bandwidth and the servers to process the incoming clicks, moving towards the great World Wide Web will be an exercise in futility. This requires having an experienced IT department and the appropriate array of hardware. While the transition to online markets seems like a natural evolution, it must be pointed out that a great deal of infrastructure must be in place in order to capitalize on the transition.

The appropriate hardware should have embedded board that are capable of processing millions of permutations and content requests in under 10 seconds. Most users will abandon a site — or page — should it fail to load within 10 seconds. Though patience is a virtue, it is a detriment in the online marketplace. Long load-times are indicative of a rather “unprofessional” site. Whether or not this is actually the case is beside the point.

If the transition to the Great Digital Cloud, as the Internet is often called, is predicated on any one thing, it is a well-crafted and reliable embedded motherboard. This intricate piece of engineering is the literal heart of the mainframe, giving it the necessary protocols to process the millions of algorithmic permutations. They happen to be one of the longer-lived components, often enjoying seven of more years of dedicated service.

It seems it will be the computer engineers and hardware manufacturers that stand to gain as the transition from brick-and-mortar to online markets continues. To be sure, a virtual storefront is essential — and there is a tremendous amount of profit to be gained by maintaining and refining this presence — but without the right IT team or mainframe provider, you are doomed.

If you are looking for an effective and reliable embedded board to help make your transition to the Web more seamless, you need look no further.

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Happy Computer

happyshopping Happy Computer When it’s time to buy a new computer, or any other electronic gadget, we all know that finding the best deal can be a daunting task. With the wide variety of options on the market today, and every company trying to come up with the best package deal for the money that includes the latest computer or gadget along with several of their most popular accessories, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when trying to make the best choice. This confusion can lead to poor decisions and can cause you to wind up with an outdated model or overpriced, unreliable accessories that either malfunction right away or are simply more trouble than they are worth.

But don’t despair! The good news is that there are actually just a few deals out there that truly offer the best value for the money, so it’s really just as simple as knowing where to look for them! Instead of wasting your precious time trying to find the best deals on your own, visit this new computer shopping website, Shop for Computer Online. They have done all of the legwork for you, and have created a comprehensive online resource that brings all of the hottest deals on the best computer and consumer electronics brands to one convenient location!

At Shop for Computer Online they have located the best products and prices to bring you the absolute best deals for any budget. Whether you are looking for a desktop, laptop, printer, monitor, GPS system, PC game or practically any other electronic device, rest assured that they can help you find exactly what you want.

748px GPS Satellite NASA art iif Happy Computer In today’s world, we seem to be increasingly dependent on a growing variety of electronic devices just to function in our daily lives! The convenience that many gadgets can offer makes it hard to imagine how we ever lived without them. In addition, electronic games have also replaced board games in many homes as a modern way to relax during free time and enjoy some friendly competition.

When you think of electronic gadgets, you might first think of MP3 Players or GPS systems, but in reality there are an enormous number of other fun, functional electronic items out there for you to use. Shop for Computer Online has the very best deals on the newest, most popular electronic gadgets, all conveniently located in one place, completely eliminating the need for you to conduct extensive independent research, or travel around visiting a bunch of retail stores. Think about it – why should you ever pay higher retail markup prices when you can find exactly what you want for less at Shop for Computer Online?

7294 Happy Computer You’ll find also Refurbished electronics that can save you time and money. Students, new users or anyone else who is looking for a great price on any electronic device should consider looking at the refurbished market. Shop for Computer Online makes it easy to find virtually any refurbished electronic item you could be looking for by bringing them all together in one convenient, searchable location.

So don’t get fooled into spending more on some so-called “great package deal” for your next computer or other electronic needs.

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USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars.

beautiful USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars. Today we review 4 beautiful Gadgets from There were many interesting products to choose, but these ones seem very unique or useful at the same time and also very technological for all our geeks readers.

The trait in common between some of them is the use of USB as power source. Use of USB is becoming very common lately. Just consider the immense possibilities of this interface: easy to use, plug and play, universal products, any kind of possible use.

p1849 main USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars. The first product of this review is the USB Cassette Deck. With it you can digitize the music trapped on your old cassettes.

Simply plug this double tape deck into your computer and you can start converting tapes into MP3s. The USB Cassette Deck comes with Audacity and EZ Tape Converter software.

p2169 main USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars. Second product is the MyTunes MP3 Amp. Designed to amplify the music trapped within MP3 players (or any music player with a 3.5mm jack) and computers, MyTunes features bass, treble and volume dials, so you can fine tune its output to perfection.

p2481 main USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars. Then we have the Magic Wand Remote Control. Utterly astounding, this beautifully crafted gizmo looks like the kind of thing you might find in Diagon Alley. The difference is you use it to control your telly, Sky, digibox, stereo or any other infra-red device via various abracadabra-ish gestures. Simply swish, whirl and flick to change channels, adjust volume and much more.

Totally button-free, the Wand can ‘learn’ up to 13 infrared codes from your existing remote(s) and fling them into the ether when you perform one of 13 predefined gestures. It’s a kind of magic.

You can assign various functions to various moves: flicks to turn on and off; spins to control volume; big swishes to mute and so on. You’ll be flicking just for the fun of it. Better still, rival wizards will be unable to mess with the telly or digibox unless you show them your moves.

To add to its supernatural nature, the Wand also features a ‘heartbeat’ in the form of various pulses that confirm gesture recognition and tell you when the batteries are low. It even goes into sleep mode after 60 seconds of inactivity and ‘wakes’ when you pick it up.

p2399 main USB Gadgets, Music, a Magic Wand and Star Wars. Last but not least, the Star Wars Force Trainer. This is a real wonder from Can you feel the Force? Go on, close your eyes and concentrate. As you take instruction from Yoda, a special wireless headset utilises cutting-edge EEG sensor technology to read and interpret your brainwaves. Yes, really! Said brainwaves are then converted into energy which controls the training sphere in a transparent tower. The deeper your concentration and mental focus, the greater your ability to move the training sphere up and down in varying combinations.

You’ll progress from Padawan to Jedi Master, using the Force (or something similar) to advance through 15 levels of training. There’s even a Freeplay mode for show-offs.

The key is to let go of your feelings until your brainwaves build up and register on the sensor-laden headset. A smart control panel displays your current training level, while the increasingly challenging sequences are enhanced by Star Wars sound effects and tips from Yoda.

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Work and study faster with the new Atom cpu

team Work and study faster with the new Atom cpu The new Atom cpu from Intel will make us work and study faster! These powerful netbook cpus are coming out a bit earlier than anticipated.

We are talking about the new Atom N280 from Intel, with a 1667 MHz clock, it will use 2 watts only. You’ll find the N280 in the Asus Eee Pc 1000HE and Acer Aspire One D150, but likely more netbooks will use it in the next months. Speed and energy savings are not the only features.

Along with the cpu, a new chipset, the GN40, will allow the Atom to play back HD video at 720p. It’s clear that Intel is trying to face the Nvidia Ion Platform which combines an Atom processor with an Nvidia chip, being able to reach 1080p HD graphics.

In april we’ll be able to see also a new Intel cpu, this time the clock will be at 1860 MHz. The name of the cpu is Z540, but I’m sure we’ll see even more features carried out by Intel for that month and the next ones.

In the meantime, let’s buy a new netbook with the Atom N280. Don’t forget to buy also a couple of movies to try the HD video!

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New Technology in 2009

technology3 New Technology in 2009 Happy New Year! Let’s begin this year talking about the new technologies we’ll see in the next months.

For every PC enthusiast, I can tell that next processors will be really impressive, with Intel Core i7 that represents a real breakthrough since years! This new year also Intel will introduce its 32nm process. I’m sure this will bring tremendous more power and clock speeds.

Memories will be all DDR3 (Intel Core i7 has triple channel DDR3 memory), exactly 1,066MHz DDR3.

About graphics, Nvidia will produce the first GPUs to support GGDR5 memory. These will be the result of a 40nm process technology. The upcoming card from ATI will be practically another monster, enabling 1920×1200 in 16x AA/AF at 100 fps and even more.

About hard disks, there are rumors that manufacturers will be able to quadruple actual limits (1TB). Practically we’ll have high end hard drives with 4TBs and cheap drives of 1 and 2TBs. Dreams or reality? I just hope will be the same also for pendrives. These tiny little gadgets are sometimes even more useful than the bigger cousins.

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