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Gifts Time

gifts Gifts Time This is the first Christmas for my new Weblog. Of course I would like Santa to bring me visitors and fame!! But there are many other nice things:

A solution to the Global Crisis. Yes, seems obvious, but it is not… by the way, considering the good amount of shopping and sales, this month, worldwide, the solution is very near.

A 120GB Zune from the Microsoft Store. Up to 30,000 songs, or 25,000 pictures, or 375 hours of video. A very nice gadget!

An RC Helicopter at Electric radio control helicopters are the new trend of this year! Like modern helicopters, they can ascend, hover, yaw to the left and right, go forward.

A good book from Alibris. Yes, why not? It is not true that tech people read less. We always love a good book!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and beautiful Holidays with family and friends! Next article will be in 2009, a great year for everyone, I’m sure.

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Avnet Tech Games

college Avnet Tech Games A friend asked me if there is any connection between my Weblog and the Avnet Tech Games… well, no connection at all! But I think I can dedicate a post to explain what are these “Tech Games” because the topic is very interesting.

The Avnet Tech Games is an annual multidisciplinary technology competition open to all colleges, institutes and universities in Arizona. The event offers students the opportunity to apply what they are learning in school to real-world scenarios. Teams of students compete to win prizes and scholarships.

The games are very different, I can’t explain all of them, but I’ll talk about the ones I like most.

AMD Build and Tune the Fastest Computer – Teams compete in two phases: First phase is a timed event on building a computer the fastest. In the second phase, teams compete to tune the computer to perform the fastest. Scores are combined to determine finishing order.

This can bring important results for every pc user.

Robot Race Obstacle Course – Using the Standard LEGO Mindstorm® NXT Robot kit, each team will have five hours to build and program a robot to maneuver around an obstacle course and to perform a set of predefined tasks. The robot that is best able to complete the event with the fastest time wins.

Mindstorm® NXT? What a beautiful gadget! Click on the link to have more info.

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