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Gaming Consoles: The Best Console For You

4289552037 fc8dd1cc11 m Gaming Consoles: The Best Console For You
by Ars Electronica

Gaming consoles are constantly updating, each console being more sophisticated than its predecessor. There are constant technological updates with new systems and always mixed reviews about each console. With all the consoles currently available, which one best suits you?

The Nintendo Wii Console was the first of its kind to use motion-censored interaction to activate game play. The Wii Console targeted a broader demographic from children to teenagers to parents and grandparents. The Wii Console sells for about 0 and is a multi-player console with various accessories to improve game play.

When the XBOX 360 Console was released, critics gave many positive reviews about it. Its demographics targeted all gamers mostly ranging from children to adults. The XBOX 360 console sells for about 0 (depending on which console you buy) and also has many accessories to improve game play.

TheNintendo DS Console caters to single players who game on-the-go. Its a hand-held console that sells for around 0 (also depending on which console) and comes in different colors as well. The Nintendo DS is popular with the demographics for gamers ranging from children to adults and is popular for on-the-go game-play.

The PS3 Console or Play Station 3 Console is a replacement for its predecessorthe PlayStation2. The PS3 has built-in Wi-Fi and lots of storage room for videos, music, and photos. The PS3 Console sells for about 0 (again, depending on which bundle/console you buy) and is targeted to all demographics as you can do more than just game on the console.

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Nintendo Consoles

4886886866 fca3a66373 m Nintendo Consoles
by Silk Road Collection

The following can be considered an informational assessment of the Nintendo consoles right from the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the Nintendo Wii and wii points. There is much information and difference when it comes to console releases in Japan as opposed to North America. This article will focus on the video game information in the North American market.

It all began back in 1983. Nintendo release the Nintendo Entertainment System. With the likes of the original Super Mario Bros. this system included many classics that are still being played and enjoyed today on the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo knew what they were doing when the implemented the wii points concept and allowed players to download the content right from them in exchange for the points.

Capitalizing on the success of their first real console, Nintendo thought it a good idea to bring all the fun of the Nintendo Entertainment system into the comfort of the back seat of a car.

Which would be known as the Nintendo Game Boy. One of the most successful hand held gaming systems of all time. The Game Boy brought all the fun of the Nintendo games right into your hand. It was bundled with the game Tetris and it too has become a classic of gaming shortly after its release. Building upon that franchise Nintendo has continued it’s Game Boy line. Afterward Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and finally Game Boy Advance SP (Also Game Boy Advance Micro if you really want to be technical.).

Getting back to the main consoles, Nintendo went and updated their already successful Nintendo Entertainment System by creating and distributing the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES. Becoming the most successful and played console of all time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is still loved today amongst gamers. The games that could be found on this console are also being downloaded through the Nintendo Wii’s shop channel via the use of wii points.

After this Nintendo really went out on a limb and decided to attempt a purely 3D experience. It was called the virtual Boy. Essentially it was a base in which you would insert your head in order to be surrounded by the 3D graphics. These graphics consisted of red lines against a black screen. This system, needless to say, did not last long. Which brings us to the next item on the list for Nintendo systems.

The Nintendo 64, or N64 as it came to be known, did not dominate the console market but it wasn’t too shabby. Releasing classics such as Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time this console was the last of the Nintendo systems to use cartridges.

At the end of the N64′s run Nintendo decided to update it’s hand held system and created the DS (which has already gone through several different looks of its own.) as well as come out with a new console. The Nintendo Gamecube. This too did not dominate the other rivals but it did hold its own. The games on this system contained the best graphics to date for a Nintendo console.

Finally it brings us to 2006 when Nintendo revealed its newest creation; the Nintendo Wii. (Originally to have been called the Nintendo Revolution.) Nintendo beat out the competition by institution very unique controls that actually work in most cases. You hold the Wii Remote and the Nunchuck and the character moves as well. This along with the innovative wii points system. By spending wii points you are able to download many of the classic games that have appeared on this list of past consoles.

Nintendo has a long legacy to keep up. If the success of their systems, especially their most recent additions is any indications, they will be around a long time and continuing to make systems that bring joy to many around the world.

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Game Consoles

3828521832 7f7b6c3cd1 m Game Consoles
by Ben Dodson

Game console is an entertainment electronic device to be used as palm held or can use the display of television or the monitor for playing the game. The common elements that are involved in a game console are the controls, power, media and the memory card. These factors determine the capability of the console. The history of the game console starts from 1972, which is the first generation game console. ‘Odyssey 100′ and ‘Odyssey 200′ were the famous consoles of that time. After crossing, each of the generation has brought to the present seventh generation. Here there are many options and the accessories are many to choose. For the entertainment of children and other interested people, it also introduces wireless controllers.

Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii belong to this generation. There are many things to be considered about the game console of today.

The bit value is of among that and it denotes like 8-bit, 16 bit and 32 bit. Few connector devices are said to be the interface of the game console. It is made of plastic and they are part of hardware components. Memory card system is found in many modern game consoles. Some of them are small, consumes less power and gives extra memory.

In this latest seventh generation the games can be downloaded from the internet. This live market place gives lot of choice to the customers. Some of the latest manufacturers are Atari, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega and Sony. They are the pioneers and the leaders in the present market.

In this competition, the price has also been reduced and many of these brands sell are low prices to capture the market. There are also many internet marketers existing and they provide the user all the guidelines to purchase, use and update. The reviews posted in many sites are another benefit for those who wish to get the best one.

It may be tempting for many of them but applying the mind is necessary when it comes to purchase. The basic different types of gaming are with the consoles using other device as monitors, hand held devices, which is the most compact one, and the PC games.

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Hover, Halflife, Tron and Mirror’s Edge all together!

videogame2 Hover, Halflife, Tron and Mirrors Edge all together! Today we interview Michael Lubker. Michael started in the IGDA and volunteering with conferences. His first job was actually at a cybercafe and then went to QA The Sims and Supreme Commander. Now he helps with business development for a 3D Wii-like controller for the PC at Axelo, and works on his original indie projects. One of these is a vehicle combat game inspired by Hover and Michael is looking for designers and a publisher for it.

Tell us everything about the game.

Michael Lubker: It’s a vehicle combat game… inspired by Hover! Bumper cars… with a bit of Halflife 2 gravity and Tron and Mirror’s Edge graphic style: we have also some cyberpunk style thematics in gameplay.

Sounds cool! When did you have this game idea?

Michael Lubker: In December 2008, our goal is to release a multiplatform compatible game and a 3D game on Facebook which is relatively rare and eventually be iPhone compatible and maybe other downloadable platforms and go for a free release with more themed maps and content sold afterwards. If we are successful in our web/iPhone release we will try to go for WiiWare, Android, XBLA, and PSN.

It is a multiplayer game, right?

Michael Lubker: It will be all multiplayer (so you could jump on Facebook and ask a friend if they want to play a round of what is basically bumper cars online) with various collection modes etc… crazy powerups and unique areas (cyberpunk versions of aztec ruins, a crashed UFO, etc).

When do you plan to release it?

Michael Lubker: I hope at this point to maybe have an early closed beta by October.

Tell us something about the actual industry, how do you see it in our Crisis times?

Michael Lubker: hmm. seems that the iPhone is burgeoning, and the Wii/DS and Facebook and other social games. So that’s our market, and Unity kinda makes that easy because it supports all those. Also find the Zune HD announcement interesting, MS competing with the iPhone.

More on the Crisis, it seems like there’s a lot of focus on same old stuff, space marines, and it seems like the music genre is becoming rather old hat.

So… the future is mobile?

Michael Lubker: Seems like it could be, I also think OnLive is interesting but with the economy and threats like bandwidth caps it could be hard to get going. I think that something like the iPod could be used as a portable gaming/computer memory device, if it had HDMI output it would be perfect for sharing photos etc and also playing games (since it has wifi your phone basically becomes the controller if it can hook to a HDTV and connect to other iphones as more controllers).

The iPhone 3 software seems very interesting and I think the Apple WWDC timing right after E3 this year is interesting.

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Take back control of your games

videogame Take back control of your games I had a very unusual problem with my Xbox 360. The component video after a “green” screen, stopped working. I tried everything, I contacted the customer service. The person at the call center was very kind, I must say that Microsoft call centers are the best. Well, I reset the video settings using the “Y + Right Trigger” combination at the startup, as suggested by the Microsoft technician. Nothing… the video was dead. Unlucky? Read the rest.

Since I don’t want to wait the necessary weeks for the substitution of the console, I decided to buy an Xbox Elite.

I must say that the old Xbox 360 had also other problems, like the drive not opening (I had to “slightly touch” it everytime to make it open) and also the rear usb port fried (too hot there!!)

Ok, so, I bought this beautiful Xbox Elite, the perfect console! I was happy to setup everything and play again with my favourite games. I started the console… System error! The 120gb HD was fault!

So I went back to the shopper, and he kindly gave me another black HD. Ok, it works and finally everything is ok…. but… hey… anyone had a similar unlucky experience?

But I’m back in control of my games. This is the important and happy part of the story, and Xbox is still my preferred console.

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