3583461559 2459797025 m Car Black Box ? The next new tech gizmo!
by daveiam

DOD Car Black Boxes are very famous for their high quality HD video and audio recording solutions. These can be used for numerous including recording of vehicle accident, law enforcement monitoring, helmet cameras, biker cameras, motor sports, etc.
There are hidden spy cameras too, that are there for recording any untoward events or happenings while traveling in the car. These come in very handy especially during modern times when such safety precautions are necessary for living the urban life. These hidden spy cameras also come equipped with high quality images and these can also be transmitted from one source to the other using any internet browser version. This is compatible with the mobiles also and is extremely useful for investigative journalism as this aids in procurement of evidence easily.

DOD car black box is designed to deliver a high quality performance. Some of the car boxes come equipped with the GPS facility that makes it absolutely indispensable. These are one of kind features. Some of the features of the DOD car black box are:

•  High resolution pictures using five megapixel camera
•  Digital Zoom for that added enhancement
•  120 degree lens built in to give you the best experience in clicking images as well as recording videos.
•  GPS facility in select models
•  MP4 recording format giving you high end performance and output
•  Inbuilt microphone and speaker
•  USB ports
•  Lithium ion rechargeable batteries for an added long life
•  Inherent time and date stamp for all the recordings and photos
•  Large dimensions
•  Light weight and easy to carry
•  Sleek and attractive outlook

Most of the orders can be shipped free.

Shipping is done within twenty four hours if the order is placed within USA.  The car black box comes with a one year guarantee including parts and labor. Extended warranty is available on request.  If you are not satisfied with this product in any manner you can return it back by means of a 14 day money back policy for this product.

Support and guidance is available for usage of the car black box. There are step by step easy instructions given by means of video tutorials. There are various community support forms that you can use regarding these products. Apart from this technical guidance by means of emails is also available from the support team.

If you are looking for High quality audio and video recording solution then contact us for Car DVR and Car black box services.

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