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Cable television is a service that is provided to you by coaxial or fiber optic cable. Cable television has many features and provides good video and audio quality. Cable TV operators are the ones that provide the cable TV for you, in order to have cable TV in your home you must purchase the services from a cable TV operator. Cable TV operators usually provide for you all the necessary equipment – they connect the cable and give you a digital TV tuner if it is required. If you choose digital cable and your TV doesn’t have a build in digital tuner then you will need a digital tuner to receive the digital signal.

Cable TV comes in different packages and every package has different channels. With basic packages you get the least amount of channels possible, all the national channels are broadcasted and you get a few extra channels. With more advanced channel packages, you can get more channels like music, sport, news and children channels. You must know what you are interested in watching on your TV so you can choose the best option of channels possible. Some cable operators provide you with the choice to make your own package of channels. There are some channels that are not included in packages, because they are paid channels and you can order them separately. Of course, the more channels you want the more money you need to pay for the cable TV service, so it’s up to you to choose what package is suitable for your budget.

Analog cable was the original cable television invented, it is transmitted via coaxial cables, however the reception with analog cable is bad and the quality of the picture and sound are not perfect.  From a few years now, digital cable is what the cable TV providers offer.

Digital cable is also transmitted by cable, but to view it on your TV set you need a digital box or digital converter box. Since most of the older models TVs are meant for analog signal they can’t display the digital cable, this is way you need a digital box to view digital cable. Te digital box is provided for free form the cable TV provider.

Digital cable television has the capability of providing a lot more channels and it has many features that you can take advantage of. You can have all of your favorite channels, no matter what you like to watch, you can get a sport package, a music package, a movie package whatever is what you like to watch on your TV you can get it with cable TV. There are many interactive features, you can use video on demand or pay per view, which allows you to rent movies just by using your remote control.

Cable TV providers can offer you high speed internet and digital phone services along with the cable television. This service is called triple play and with it you can get all of the modern entertainment and communication services with a single cable.

The word for cable TV advantages that the Danes use is Kabel tv fordele. If you want more information about that, please visit this resourceful Danish website which can be translated easily with Google Translate. To see how it is possible to survive without cable TV, please read this article.

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