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Computers today are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Most decent computers cost approximately $ 400 – $ 600. Unfortunately, when starting a business, especially when you have several employees, those costs can add up to be quite high. A good way to save those up front costs is to look for a good business computer rental service. Business rental companies charge a monthly fee, perhaps $ 50 a month, for the use of their computers. Looking at a business computer rental store has several advantages over outright purchasing computers.

Financially, business computer rental services save quite a bit of up front money. If a computer costs about $ 400, and you have 20 employees who need computers, it would cost a total of $ 8000 in order to ensure all computer needs were met. There may also be a few people in the company that require a portable computer in order to work at home or on the road. This adds another layer of cost. The rental cost, however, would be much less expensive, up front. If you use a business rental agency that charges $ 50 a month, the initial cost of ensuring your entire company has computer is only $ 1000. That is only 12% of the cost of purchasing.

Another advantage of using a business computer rental source is that they generally come complete with support for the computers. If a computer that you have rented from the shop ever breaks down, contacting the company will usually enable you to replace the computer at no cost to the company. They also have technicians that know how work all of the programs that are installed on their computers. This means that they are able to answer any questions or concerns about the programs, you can call up the company and have them help you with whatever the issue may be. If requested, you can also have the company help with the install of all of the new computer systems. This could save you much time and money, not to mention aggravation.

One more advantage of business computer rental is that you are generally given the option to rent to own. That means that the rental place will apply all of the payments you have make toward the total price of the computer. When an agreement has been fulfilled, the computer will completely have been paid off. You can now keep the computer you rented, or you can return it to the shop and replace it a new one. Often, by returning the computer to the store, the store will give you a rather large credit toward your next rental, saving even more money in the long run.

Purchasing computers in bulk can become quite expensive. Rather than purchasing a set of computers from a store, research around and find a good business computer rental shop. Using a rental service will save a lot of money in the immediate sense, sometimes costing less than 15% of the total purchase cost. Business computer rental places also have technical support employees that know the computers better than most people. In the end, renting a computer can even save you money by allowing you to keep the computer as if completely paid for. For companies just starting out, that amount of saved money can mean the difference between surviving or not.

Dennis Hanson has been working with business computers for many years.

For more information, visit www.Business-Computer.org [http://www.business-computer.org].

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