As you build an Internet home business, you are going to want find tools that help you automate certain aspects of your business. There are plenty of ways to spend or invest your money as you build an Internet home business, but there are also a lot of great free tools out there as well. One of which, I highly recommend here.

It’s called RSS Submit Pro, but that’s just a marketing name. This is actually a great shareware program. It allows you to submit your blog and other RSS feeds to directories that will drive traffic to your site and blog. This is just one of the many tools you need to Advertise, Market and Promote your sites, so do not overlook article marketing, press release marketing, video marketing and other methods of MAP’ing your business. But, this is something you definitely want to start doing to promote your business.

Here is a list of who the Allscoop RSS submitter submits to: Yahoo, BlogStreet, Syndic8, NewsIsFree, DayPop, Feedster, BlogDex, Popdex, Moreover, RDF-Ticker, BlogDigger, Bloogz, HeadlineSpot,, easyRSS, NewsXS, Feeds Farm, Newstrove, Sourceforge, FeedPlex, Feed Shark, Blogwise, Boing Boing, Rub Hub, Fyber Search, Technorati, Postami, WeBlogALot, Feed24, Ice Rocket, Swoogle, Blogz, NewsMob, CompleteRSS, 4GuysFromRolla, Feedzie, Fastbuzz, Loomia, Truth Laid Bear, Rocket Info, Rocket News, Read A Blog, Findory, Blogarama, RSS Network, 2RSS, All Headline News, BlogPulse, Blog Catalog, Bloggernity, Newzfire.

So, what is RSS? It’s most commonly known as Really Simple Syndication, or a format used to broadcast to the world frequently updated content like blog posts, articles, videos, etc. in a standardized format or RSS document.

This document is called a “feed.” This “feed” provides a snapshot of all the posts you make on your blog or YouTube channel for all the world to see! It puts all your content on “steroids.”

This is Viral marketing folks. It’s not the stuff you find on traffic exchanges that claim ‘viral marketing.’ This is the real ju-ju!

So, where does all this information appear to people that you are advertising too? Feed Readers! Feed readers that people use to keep up with the topics they like. Feed readers, like Google Reader. These readers are on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. But, most importantly, the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing count each and every one of your submissions with their “bots”.

Rick Samara is a small business owner turned full time affiliate/internet marketer. Rick’s unique background in small business with an expertise in providing small business owners consultative support, coupled with his writing and organizations skills position him as an excellent instructor in internet marketing. Visit his website to download free content ranging from video tutorials, PowerPoints presentations and e-books on Internet marketing.For More Information, Visit: Apply an advanced article submitter to increase your efforts.

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