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by Dominik Syka

Once again Blackberry has created a highly developed smart phone that has left others gathering the dust in the wake of the Blackberry Storm 2. It is by far the most comprehensive smart phone and comes with an even more powerful Wi-Fi, expandable memory and an upgraded, more user friendly interface. The refurbished Sure Press touch screen allows for greater precision, key rollover and multi-touch capabilities.

The Storm 2 has a sleek black finish with dark chromed lining across the sides and rubberized buttons at the side. The front comprises of a single large glass that makes up the piezoelectric touch-screen along with the menu, escape, call and the end keys. This is unlike the preceding design, where there were individual keys, an upgrade that is well appreciated as it gives the phone a more professional look.

The shortcut keys have undergone a total change as well. On the right of the device, there is a small camera shortcut key and while it looks nice, it is pretty uncomfortable to use. It has a three round grooves finish that is placed in the middle of the device. Below it is the Micro USB slot for charging and connecting to the PC for syncing.

On top of the device, the buttons for power and silencing are polished off in a single piece excellent quality plastic. These buttons have a superb response, a design hallmark of Blackberry.

The bottom of the device has a similar finish with a minor pinhole for the microphone.

The volume keys are made of rubberized plastic and somehow do not flow with the overall design of the device. But they work excellently, with amazing precision. Above the volume rockers, is the 3.5mm audio jack, also called the universal audio port, which is good in case you want to use your own headphones for music.

The reverse side of the device has a brush finish metal battery door, with the Blackberry logo emblazoned in silver, adding a touch of class. The camera and LED flash is placed right above the camera. The placement is slightly recessed meaning that scratches will be hard to come by on the glass covering the camera and the flash.

Though this phone weighs a 160gms, its weight gives it a very solid feel. The phone has a brilliant build quality and is really a heavy weight in the phone market.

To conclude the Storm 2 is a fantastic phone although it could have been a little more continuous in terms of design but there is no doubt that this is one of greatest smart phones available in the current market.

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