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by rfduck

As computer becomes more and more popular in daily life, many musicians have burst forth in song about them. Here are the best songs about computers.


Gary Numan — Metal

Metal is a song by Gary Numan which was featured in his album The Pleasure Principle. The song which was inspired by the works of Phillip K Dick and William S. Burroughs has science fiction lyrics. The content is about an android who wishes to be human but it never can be. The song has been performed on stage since English singer’s first tour in 1979 and the version is still being performed today. “Metal” is so famous that many other artists have covered it. Thanks to the song, Numan is considered as a pioneer of commercial electronic music.


Gary Numan — Metal


Daisy — HAL 9000, from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey


The song is featured at the beginning of Act II in the movie to demonstrate HAL’s human-like sensibilities


Pocket Calculator – Kraftwerk

The German pioneer of electronic music genre, Kraftwerk, famously wrote the song “Pocket Calculator” from the 1981 record “Computer World” to show off humankind’s relationship with computers


Jed the Humanoid – Grandaddy

In the song by group Grandaddy, computer appears as lovable, benevolent and fallible as it can be


Styx — Mr. Roboto


The Mr. Roboto by Styx is named one of the best-known songs from the eighties about a robot which says “I’ve got a secret; I’ve been hiding under my skin. My heart is human, my blood is boiling”


Paranoid Android – Radiohead

The android protagonist in “Paranoid Android” denies that he is a real android “I may be paranoid, but I’m no android”


Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots — The Flaming Lips

The Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips sings “Those evil-natured robots, they’re programmed to destroy us”


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