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by Hans on Experience

Article by Calvin Wills

It has been a great year for gadgets. Many gadgets like smart phones, laptops were made that attracted many customers towards them. These gadgets with many features and functions, made our life much easier. These amazing gadgets simply rocked the tech world. We are here with some of those gadgets which you will love to have. Take a look.
1. Apple iPad 2
This is the best tablet with Dual-core A5 processor, 720p video recording, front-and rear-facing cameras and HDMI screen mirroring. With so many specifications, Apple iPad2 has left all the tablets in the race behind.
2. HTC Thunderbolt From Verizon
HTC Thunderbolt is a 4G phone with download speed between 8mbps to 12mbps. This is simply one of the best Android smart phones in Verizon’s lineup.
3. Nintendo 3DS
You may be thinking that the online gaming is now declining. But this gadget proves it wrong. With many specifications like two screens, passive 3D, Motion and Gyro sensor, 3D camera, Analog controls, this gadget delivers a better gaming experience.
4. HTC Titan smart phone
This gadget has a 4.5 inch display and because of its slim design, it easily fits in your hands. This gadget has the power to entertain you with instant access to many tunes and Hollywood blockbusters.
5. Samsung Series 9
Samsung Series 9 has its own premium materials and svelte style. Its frame is built from aircraft-grade aluminum. Its keyboard and track pad are a joy to use. The cost of this gadget is high, but there are some gadget lovers who will love to get it.
6. LG PenTouch TV
This gadget uses a light-sensitive pen with which you can write as well as sketch on the screen. It also allows you to edit and organize images stores on your PC.
7. Lenovo Thinkpad X1
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 is a durable, lightweight and fast laptop. It is specially designed for business with a spill-resistant keyboard, a carbon fiber rollcage and Corning Glass on the screen.
8. Casio Tryx
You will not find anything special in this online gaming at first glance. This gadget has an outer handle that rotates, so you can support it like a tripod.
9. RIM BlackBerry Presenter
This small gadget can be connected with a monitor or projector and using Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily display Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 slides directly from your BlackBerry.
10. Eye-Fi Mobile X2
This is a SD card which can be used to connect directly to Android phones and iPhones over Wi-Fi. Now, you can easily transfer your images from camera to phone, and share them on Twitter or Facebook or wherever without using wires of PC.

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