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by Dexter Panganiban

Today the definition of audio experience has undergone sea change and it is the advent of digital audio cable which has helped transformation. Emphasis is on the distortion free signal transfer which can reproduce sounds in great detail. It is the difference between good sound and great sound which is more central to high-end audio experience. Outperforming the analog cable used in the past, digital cable has become the part and parcel of home theatre systems installed in homes and offices.

So, is it watching a World cup tournament or a 3D movie, your sound system equipped with a digital audio cable can bring your living room to life? The most frequently used variant is fiber optic digital audio cable. The sound output depends on the quality of cable through which the digital signal passes. The more the sound signal suffers loss or interference, the lower the sound output is. Digital cable ensures better sounds by eliminating the chances of this sound loss and interference. No matter how large your speakers are, you cannot enjoy optimum sound without relying on the right digital audio cable. Crystal clear sound output comes only when the sound signal transmitting cable is resistant to outside disturbances.

Fiber-optic digital audio cables allow users to connect an audio source such as CD players or computers or even an iPod or any other console-based device, with a receiver system and the cable transmits the audio signals in a compressed format. For small distance transmission, this cable is ideal because it can very effectively minimize the chances of radio frequency interference. In addition, fiber optic digital audio cable does not use electricity for transmitting digital data and therefore, the chances of interference arising from electricity flow are also very minimal.

Digital audio cables are very easy to use. If you are interested in wireless transmission, you need to have specific software downloaded to ensure the computer or the source can auto-detect the digital signals. But when you use fiber optic digital audio cables like in a home theater set up, you just need to join one end of the cable to the source connector port usually rectangular in shape.

Install any driver or support software as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This allows computer and console-based fiber-optic digital signals to be auto-detected upon installation. This step is not necessary when using fiber-optic-enabled digital receivers or stereo systems, for example in a home-theater setup, as they are specifically designed for fiber-optic digital and require no software to auto-detect. The other end of the cable can be plugged into the TOSLINK connector.

Some of the best digital audio cables are AmazonBasixs Toshlink, Monoprice Premium 6FT, Monster THXI100 FO4NF THX, Mediabridge Toshlink BetterCables 2M Premium etc. The price of these digital audio cables can be anything between $ 6 and $ 50. Using these cables in your music console can offer you rich audio experience.

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