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by Acid Zebra

The internationalization of domestic competition “will be the next few years, the development trend of China’s hardware industry, and will present six major characteristic.

China as a global hardware manufacturing center will further secure the position

With China’s integration into the global economic environment and economic strength to speed up the process of the rapid rise in (TodayHot) country has become the world’s most dynamic economic regions. China’s economy relatively complete infrastructure, industrial development and labor costs are lower and more mature, has become the world’s manufacturing center of the comparative advantages of hardware, hardware manufacturing export-oriented development features clearly.

Center to enhance the performance of the first hardware products in recent years, overall growth in exports: The main hardware products, export growth is higher than output growth, higher sales growth in the domestic market; the main hardware appliances full bloom, not only power tools, hand tools, architectural hardware products of these traditional categories of export products increased very high, and before the export share of small kitchen and bath products and electrical products export growth in 2004 is also very obvious. A huge market and center of gravity will further attract multinational hardware manufacturing center to China transfers.


Inter-firm cooperation will significantly strengthen the

In the global competitive environment, in order to obtain a favorable competitive position and enhance competitiveness, industrial capital, the industry is running another theme. 2004 Supor, Vantage has listed Hongbao also active efforts for the listing, 10000, and the capital markets will not result in failure of reorganization with the Guangdong Meiya stop. From the perspective of capital, (HotTag) The main features of the current expansion of capital on the rise. Competitive behavior from the point of view, inter-enterprise cooperation in the sharing of resources is increasing.


Enterprise polarization will be further exacerbated

The next few years will be the hardware industry, high-speed shock period, the direct impact of high-speed shocks consequence of this is the current hardware kitchen brands to expand the trend of polarization of the camp. The next few years is expected to actually be able to survive in the market, there is no hardware business is now so much. But the hardware industry, this high-speed shocks will have a tremendous opportunity to shock the result will be to make more rational operation of the market.

Sales channels are also increasingly fierce competition among the domestic oversupply of hardware kitchen and bath products, quality, pressure, sales channels to become one of the crucial competitive factors, the parties to the channel is becoming increasingly fierce competition. On the one hand, kitchen electrical manufacturers strengthened the control on the retail end, try to reduce sales cycles, saving cost of sales, so that the direction of sales channels to professional development, enterprise sales model can simultaneously meet the diverse toward the direction of the market. On the other hand, sales of the industry trend towards the development of the status of large home appliances chain stores continue to rise, the control of the industry enhance its ability to participate and were mainly caused by a manufacturer-led price competition. Large retailers with its broad market coverage, purchase the size and cost advantages, product pricing, payment delivery in terms of ability to control manufacturing enterprises will be growing.

Meanwhile, the international market demand of China’s hardware products will be the progressive development of changes in the quality of Chinese products, packaging, delivery time will have higher requirements, and even gradually extended to the production process and product R & D, product and environmental protection , energy resources, human environment together.

Competition in the market will shift to high-quality, high-tech products

As competition in-depth, hardware, the various stages of the industrial chain profit margins were compressed, downward movement is decreasing. More and more enterprises are familiar with that price competition alone can not build up core competitiveness, not the long-term direction of development, in an effort to explore a new path of development. Many hardware companies increased technical input to develop new and high-tech products, product differentiation as a long-term plan the development of enterprises to seek new market demand, the establishment of new economic growth points (such as small household appliances and access to other similar industries), in order to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.


The integration of domestic and foreign enterprises will further accelerate the

Domestic hardware companies in order to improve their strength and expand faster in the international market, through various means to accelerate the integration and foreign enterprises to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness. Continue to expand in the United States, Japan and other traditional markets, while countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe and Africa, will provide full bloom.


Overall, China’s hardware industry will continue the momentum of structural adjustment, but will continue to be some bright spots. Hardware companies polarized situation will only get worse, some companies will not meet market competition out of competition in the market through different channels, while the hardware giant will gradually emerge.

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