How much do you know about designing websites? While there are many web designers out there who can put up a site within just a few minutes, however the quality may not be favorable. Because sometimes they might even neglect the most basic web design principles. There are certain best practices that everyone should adhere to.

So what makes a good web design? Here are some of the basic principles that you should keep in mind when you are creating a new site.

Navigating through your website

Unless you are putting up just a one-page site, you will need clear links that will tell people exactly where to click next should they want to read more of your content or where they could go to find other information. This is often called usability and it is the ease of use that makes people have an easy time locating what they want from your site, often with just a click or two. After all if you make it harder for them to go from one page to another, they probably would not even bother and just go on to the next website where they think they can get the information that they need. A Toowoomba website designer can help you design the best navigation for your site.

Be consistent

Consistency can apply to a lot of things pertaining to your basic web design. It can be about the color of your background. All of your pages should not differ in terms of color scheme so that people will know they are still viewing a page that is part of your website. Consistency can also refer to the branding that you utilize on your site to help promote your company or organization. Again, if you have a logo placed on you header, do the same to the rest of the pages. It will remind your visitors what your brand is and that they are aware who are the people behind the site.

Aim for short copy

Even if what you are designing is just a sales squeeze page, it is always a good practice if you can write what you want people to know in just as fewer words as possible. Shorter is better when it comes to reading website copy. This is especially true because there are many usability studies that have shown that people are normally just skimmiing through the web copy, that even the minute details they would tend to forget. So keep your web copy concise. Remove the fluff and concentrate on the juicy parts.

Simplicity is gold

You should make the experience of browsing through your website as easy and as pleasurable as possible. Again, do not let your visitors work doubly hard just to find the information that they wanted from your website. Make every element of your website as simple to use and notice. Simple is better in most cases, especially when it comes to web designing.

Always aim for quality when you are creating your websites. The principles behind these basic web design tips can be adjusted if you feel that your site goals warrant it. But do not deviate too far because these are tried-and-tested approaches to design and it will help you launch a useful, interesting, and lasting website. A web design Toowoomba can greatly help you in creating such a site.

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