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by aepoc

It is not an overstatement to say that many computer users do not know what computer hardware is let alone being able to differentiate it from software. The best they know and they can do is to operate their system anytime they need it. However, this is not the best. You need to know a little about the computer and its hardware as well as its components.  Computers are like the human body with various components that come together to make the entire system.

As the name suggests, computer hardware is the peripheral or the palpable component of the computer different from the software or program that is used in it. It is the unit of the component that you can touch and feel. Hardware is not the same in every computer. What determines the hardware your computer will use are the brand and the model of the computer that you are using. Sometimes computers of the same brand but different in the model may not even use the same hardware. Another thing that you should know about hardware is that it is essential for the running of computer software. If you do not have good hardware, your software will not perform well no matter the quality and the version you are using.

When you hear about hardware with reference to computers, do not think that a computer has just a unit called hardware. No! They are not one but many. Let us look at some of them. The most important computer hardware is the system unit. Owing to its importance, it is regarded as the main computer. The rest of the components has a connection with the system unit for their maximum performance. The hardware that stores the files being worked with at a particular time is known as the RAM meaning Random Access memory.  There are others that are not mentioned here.

Article was written by Jeff Frasco. For more articles about computer parts visit: Buy Computer Parts and Buying Laptop Hardware.

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