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by backseatpilot

Hello, this is a bit like a brief explanation on computer hardware for idiots. Note, always make sure that the computer is unplugged when opening it. Turned off is not good enough! Occasionally there may still be some charge left. Normally there isn’t, but better safe than sorry. The big green circuit board is the motherboard. It is the main part that combines all the other hardware and electronics into a working computer. In the motherboard may be some slots for other circuit boards. These may be things such as graphics cards (what puts the information on the screen), internet cards (the part that connects to the internet), sound cards (for sound clarity), and so on. Some more modern computers may have these built straight into the motherboard. Also on the motherboard are ports for things such as the mouse, speakers, keyboard, microphone (not always included), etc.

The key component on the motherboard is the RAM. It is the soul of the motherboard. The RAM can be found under the big cooler and fan in the middle of the motherboard. Do not remove it! It heats up very quickly and can get extremely hot. It can be hotter than an iron after 3 minutes. However, just as important is the hard drive. Consider the hard drive as the brain, and the RAM as the heart. The hard drive does all the heavy lifting. It’s what holds most of the memory, it’s where the operating system is held, it is the thing that makes the computer a computer. The wires to and from this are brightly colored and have a number of places they plug into. It is what takes the cd player/floppy to the motherboard for processing. Inside a hard drive are multiple metal cds where all this information is held and processed. They are meant to be inside the hard drive though, so unless you feel like ruining a perfectly good hard drive, don’t open it! They may be metal, but are surrounded by circuits and wires that make them work, plus they still aren’t that strong.

That’s enough about hard drives, even though that’s just a basic understanding about what they do. Finally, the last major component is not nearly as complex as the other two. This is the power supply. The power supply is self explanatory, it provides power to your computer. It is the large metal box over the motherboard that has a fan inside this box. Inside can be found a treasure chest of wires, resistors, and transformers. It balances out the power just right for the computer to work. If it were to break, then it might 1. Fry the computer, or 2. The computer won’t even turn on.

These are the 3 major components of hardware that can be found inside a computer. I will be trying to post more in depth information on computer hardware.

Written by TheGeek

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