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Are jockey cams the way forward for horse racing?

350px Horse racing 4 Are jockey cams the way forward for horse racing?

Horse Racing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a fear amongst the horse racing industry that youth interest in the sport is falling and concern that when the current generation of horse racing fans dies out, there won’t be any new generations following the sport.

In order to increase spectator interest in the sport, it’s been suggested that the horse racing industry should follow the route taken by other sports, using technology to make the sport up close and personal for spectators. Take motor racing as an example. With cockpit cameras installed in many of the vehicles, fans can get a driver’s eye view of the race track, which really adds to the excitement as you’re watching. Fans of NASCAR can pay to log into the driver’s dashboard camera and really feel like they’re a part of the sport. This perspective on the race may offer an added advantage when people are looking at the Betfair NASCAR Sprint Champion odds, for example.

The same kind of thing is possible for horse racing through the use of jockey cams. Already, the fact that you can use betting exchange Betfair’s app to place a horse racing bet on your mobile means that betting on horse races and other sports can be more spontaneous than it used to be – something that definitely chimes with younger generations. But tie that in with being able to watch the race you’ve got a bet on from the jockey’s perspective and it’s bound to increase the numbers of people who want to watch racing and get behind the sport.

The technology for jockey cams already exists – consisting of an extremely lightweight camera that is fitted to the jockey’s helmet. It’s already possible to experience the Grand National ride around the famous course in Aintree, UK, via jockey cam. If you’re going to place a bet on Betfair, it can be really helpful to check out a course before you decide how much you’re going to wager.

The horse racing industry is reliant on the amount of people placing bets and having jockey cams could really affect the numbers of bets being placed. But there’s a possibility that this could be negative. For example, if one jockey had a camera while others didn’t in the race, would that affect his odds on a site like Betfair? Would gamblers need to think about the weight of the camera (however light that it is) and whether that would affect the jockey’s performance?

There’s a lot to consider before jockey cams become commonplace in races, and the associations who run the sport need to give the concept their full approval. In the States, the New York Racing Association and the Jockeys’ Guild have shown interest in the idea, but it’s not been taken any further as yet.

However, as technology becomes woven into every aspect of our lives, it’s more likely than not that the horse racing industry will approve the use of jockey cams eventually.

Car Gadgets

3583389267 3a84e80fce m Car Gadgets
by daveiam

We spend a lot of time in our cars; many people consider it just a means of getting from point “A” to point “B”. But there are some great creature comforts and downright entertaining hi tech gadgets on the market today. These gadgets won’t make your car Kit from Knight Rider (well maybe one will), but the article addresses a few items to consider, but obviously there are a lot more.
HD Radio is one of the most impressive and practical gadgets available. It provides a huge technology lead from what we have become accustomed to with AM and FM radio stations into what is now digital radio. The cost is all on the front end with the equipment, there is no monthly subscription fees, no hissing associated with radio and many more stations to choose from.
FLIR Systems developed the PathFindIR to provide thermal imaging that increases nighttime visibility. The device is shown through a camera and it allows the driver to see people, animals or whatever up to 2000 feet which is way further than we currently see in the dark. The cool think is you can continue to see that distance through snow, rain and snow. As you can imagine it’s been tested by the military too. This is a cool gadget, but for the price you will have to do some justification on why you need it.
Garmin has a free download that is available only on its nüvi GPS system, its called ecoroute. Ecoroute measures how environmentally friendly your driving is, rating you between 1 and 100 so you can see how well you are doing. It gives you real time feedback, which ideally saves you money and the environment all at once. 
The Koolatron Compact Cooler gives you a place to put those cold ones and keep them cold, or a sandwich, or a…heck this thing is a refrigerator for your car!  It was designed to fit in a tight place like between seats or behind one of them. It plugs into your cigarette lighter and keeps food 40 degrees cooler than the outside temperature.
Now if someone can just make a car stove to go along with the refrigerator we would all be set, for now we will have to be satisfied with frying eggs on the hood. In a later article I will be taking a look at some of the cool spy gadgets available on the market.

Tab Pierce is an executive sales leader and security professional who has spent years as a serial entrepreneur. He has owned successful companies within eLearning, data management, telecommunications and others. He has also successfully assisted companies integrate sound sales processes into their organization.

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Hire Offshore Website Developers

4420573967 03b4567eb5 m Hire Offshore Website Developers
by Official GDC

When quality and timeline could not be compromised, IT professionals chose to move towards more reliable, interactive and qualitative business solutions. You cannot question on the engagement delivery models when the analysis and research from the scratch is based on through research and analysis, testing, choosing the best business model and consultancy. Offshore Outsourcing is oscillating the IT market to and fro with higher momentum but in the near future this may tend to return to a position where scarcity of resources in comparison to demand is predicated to happen. Resources will be insufficient and Indian currency value will increase with improved infrastructure and education system. Offshore IT Outsourcing continue to soar high in the international market and share major part of revenue generated.

Value oriented significant presence of India in the upsurging IT market cannot be denied. When hiring in-house skilled professionals in the developed nations got costlier then the big players started peeping out and really the gem was in hand!! Harvest the fruits of offshore outsourcing. India, the land of rich resources and cheap labor was the target and gradually absorbed by the top companies. India is the hallmark of offshore IT outsourcing and the most preferred destination because of the broad spectrum of resources that it offers to its clients. The game was not one sided, offshore outsourcing proved to be the road map for Indian entrepreneur to global market. India also captures the road vehemently. Rise is marked with bigger name of Indian market, growth of number of international hubs in India, set up of number of offshore development and management segments to India, increase in Indian currency value and improved infrastructure.

Offshore and outsource both the terms are used interchangeably, and are often confusing so let me brief out these two.

Offshore means beyond the boundaries i.e. moving and relocating to another country, Outsourcing is transfer of business processes to some third party for its management; it generally involves non-core activities that are moved from an internal to an external entity. Dedicated and expert professionals are involved in offshore outsourcing business models and are solely responsible for business processes and their qualitative and timely delivery of projects. Giant enterprises are hiring IT and software professionals at higher rate and looking for more offshore developers at a reasonable cost to enhance their productivity and quality of production.

I have been repeating in almost all my article that India is the most preferred destination for offshore IT outsourcing because of the broad spectrum of resources that it offers to the giant IT players at very low cost. It is not a specific factor that lead brand players invest in India but myriad factors are accountable for this. The geographic location i.e. India can be easily reached from different parts of the world, sufficient low-cost-effective-quality resources.

Custom website design, web site design of all types, dynamic or static, interactive and user friendly websites; India is offering holistic and comprehensive list of services to fulfill all the web designing needs of your company. Dedicated designers inculcate a lot from the websphere, resources available online and then use the most useful of them in best possible way to deliver the best deigning results. Designs are reflexive, spontaneous, creative and unique. Some of the most using designing tools and software available are Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, CorelDraw & PhotoShop. They also redefine websites to make them more user friendly and search engine crawlable. Skilled designers are always trained about the latest design tools and technologies, how to use these in practical life and deliver business solutions. These skilled professionals are also involved in workshops, training program. A separate team works dedicatedly to innovate new designs, explore and show their creativity. Team of graphics designers, Web editor, flash designers, flex designers all work together in coordination to provide best design solutions. Core capabilities are well defined and properly taught to make industry aspirations. The offshore design and development solutions promise quality that work smoothly in all environment, are browser compatible and are platform independent. The business development solutions are process driven and minimize the risk and increase the efficiency of operations involved.

These solutions can help make your own brand name, advertise your services and products, on-line advertising is made easy, business gets automated. Our offshore website developers are adept in using all kind of tools that will impart liveliness to your website.


Icreon, is an Offshore Software Development Company, that savvy your business needs by providing elite software business solutions and Full Time Equivalents and Staff Augmentation Services.

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Early Mobile Networks

8441319629 e262c82361 m Early Mobile Networks
by ConnectIrmeli

If you want to make a few calls when you’re on the move nowadays, you can get yourself a package that will give you a free phone, with unlimited calls and texts, as part of an affordable monthly payment plan. Back then, you had to be pretty well heeled in order to be able to afford to make just one call on a mobile phone!

The world’s first fully automatic mobile telephone system, memorably dubbed MTA (Mobile Telephone system A), was developed by Ericsson and was made available in Sweden in 1956. This was the first system that was able to operate without the need for a technician plugging things in at the transmitter base, but due to the valves it employed in its electronics, it was very energy inefficient and was extremely heavy. The invention of transistors in the early sixties paved the way for a lighter, less power-hungry model, the MTB. The MTB network had managed to get 600 well-heeled Swedes to subscribe to it by the time it was closed down in 1983, and as such could be considered much more successful than its predecessor.

In 1971, the American telecommunications giant AT&T submitted a proposal for a cellular mobile telecommunications network called the Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS), to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). After years of hearings, the network was given the go ahead in 1982, and the AMPS network was allocated frequencies between 824 and 894 MHz. The AMPs network was upgraded from the old analogue technology in 1990 and is still in use today in upgraded form.

Among the first truly successful commercial mobile phone networks to be available to the civilian population, dubbed ARP, was set up in Finland in 1971.

ARP is often thought of to as being a zero generation (0G) cellular network, in that the technology was more advanced than early systems such as MTB or RAT, but not as advanced as some of the formats that were to follow, such as AMPS, which are considered to be of the first generation of cell phone technology as we now know it.

A fully automatic mobile phone network for civil use, named the Altay system, was set up in Moscow in 1963. By the 1970s, coverage had been expanded to incorporate over 30 cities in the USSR, and is still in use in some regions as a trunking system. A portable automatic mobile phone system, going by the name of RAT, was introduced in Bulgaria in 1966, and could serve up to six users per base station.

Discover the latest Vodafone mobile phones and price plans including Samsung Tocco Ultra and countless other makes and models.

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I7 Desktop PC ? the King of all processors

3241766980 22face3346 m I7 Desktop PC ? the King of all processors
by mindfieldz

When choosing the right desktop pc it’s not the latest look or brand that will determine the value of the computer, but what is under the hood that counts. Today i7 Desktop PC has brought some major improvement over the previous desktop PC. The i7 custom PC is one of the top-level processor or central processing units, with an excellent performance at all task like Gaming, video editing, photo editing, music production and multi-tasking.
One of the most essential internal components of the Custom desktop pc is its hard drive.

One should consider the size and speed of the hard drive to determine its performance and functionality. The larger and faster the hard drive, the better its performance will be.

Within the middle-of-the-road processing units, one can find the best overall value. That is, these processors are not the fastest, but they offer the best price to performance ratio.

Next component is memory, more memory a computer has, the better the computer’s overall performance will be. If one wishes to focus on high-performance media such as DVD burning and rewriting, and they should pay close attention to the desktop pc’s optical drive

i7 desktop processors are fast have two cores and four threads backed by hyper threading and virtualization technology that enhances the multitasking ability of these chips. They excel when used for demanding 3d or HD-video editing applications, and can even be used to power realistic games. . The internal cooling system gives this computer the ability to overclock itself for performance enhancements. Each i7desktop has a clock, or processing, speed of 2.66 gigahertz along with Turbo Boost technology that enables the CPU to operate above this rate. The i7custom PC processor has an Intel Smart Cache, which is a tiny memory bank installed on the chip for super-quick access to the computer’s most frequently used data. The i7 desktop is pretty much king of all custom desktop PCs. If you have a specific game in mind (such as something that has just come out recently or is coming out) it’s not a bad idea to search around the web and see if anyone has run a benchmark with that specific game.

Without a doubt though, all benchmarks considered the Intel i7 desktop PC looks to be the fastest desktop gaming computer currently on the market. It comes with a price tag to match that performance, but for serious hardcore gamers who have a tall budget and absolutely need the fastest, most powerful PC available; the i7 desktop is a must-own CPU. With more speed of the processor comes the ability to display more complex and detailed 3d graphics. That means a seriously fast computer running the latest high end game can deliver a seriously immersive (and impressive) experience that is unparalleled by other desktop PC. i7 desktop PC is one of the best and fastest customs PC in today’s market. It is the most future proof PCs available.

Abdul Samad Karar
Arbico Computers as a Custom PC Specialist in UK is offering high configured Custom Built Intel i7 Desktop in very affordable prices with high end and unbeatable services.

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Online Hockey Courses Is Now A Reality

2444155973 3a25ca4b72 m Online Hockey Courses Is Now A Reality
by Pargon

How many of you were in the misconception that online courses are meant for degree and college programs only? The technology has developed more than our imagination. Now you can play the sport of your choice by getting enrolled in virtual sport teams and even some online degree courses are providing free registration to hockey and other playing courses so that you can avail dual benefits.

Playing sport is a passion and sometimes youngsters find it difficult to get time for these stuffs because of studies and work pressure. US college hockey online, in its first place, keeps you updated of all happenings going on in universities and various hockey Federations. It covers almost all aspects, schedules, teams, recent updates and even chances to be a part of the team.

Generally, these online hockey courses are accredited by federations and colleges so that more prospects are attracted to get admissions. People generally prefer to have multiple ventures with a single registration. Getting enrolled in such programs allows for fee waivers and discounts too.

Even those who were not passionate towards playing hockey can generate interest towards the sport if they remain in touch with the latest happenings and news. Hockey is a well known sport all over the world and a small interest can turn out to be a big passion in no time. This can be helpful to the individual as well as to the college and the hockey team.

Just make sure that the online college hockey is authentic, genuine and gives you the latest updates of hockey arena. Once you start, you will automatically get addicted to this adrenalin pumping sport.

Want to know more about US Hockey Online just check out these articles. Also you can also know more about College Distance Learning programs

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Intel Releases Core vPro Business Processors

3241766980 22face3346 m Intel Releases Core vPro Business Processors
by mindfieldz

Intel released its fresh user leaning 2nd generation Core CPUs in January, it seem probable that the “professional” version would be now around the bend. Nowadays Intel has launched just that, with its new-fangled 2nd generation Core vPro family of processors. even if based on the similar micro architecture as the customer chips, and using technologies such better media handling, Higher Vector Extensions, fast Sync Video for energizing media exploitation, and the improved Turbo Boost for rising concert when not all processing cores are being use, vPro processors also comprises a number of additional that are geared specially towards business consumers.

These take in a new Host support Configuration feature that mechanize the procedure of setting up vPro functions on modern computer. According to Intel, “thousands of PCs can be configured simultaneously in a couple of minutes.” Also there is a new Keyboard Video Mouse Remote Manage feature that allows a remote technician help a customer at present in greater definitions than ever before, compensating for jobs need use of HD video and bigger screen sizes.

For customers who rely on laptops to be their system at and away as of the place of work, Intel has start Anti Theft Technology Version 3.0, which launches three new ways to defend systems. It allows sanctioned IT or service technicians totally disable a lost or stolen PC and prevent access to its valuable data, and then reactivate it afterward, all by via an encrypted and authenticated SMS message. The new Locator bonfire function assists authorities determine the exact location of a missing laptop using GPS technology on select 3G modems. And standby security can need an encrypted login, so that if a laptop goes absent just as it’s in standby, it’s still protected by an additional layer of security.

Several vPro processors will also include Identity Protection Technology, which decrease phishing assault and example of illegal access by creating a six digit numerical secret code each 30 seconds that simply the proper target knows.

Intel claims that a new-fangled Core vPro i5 CPU can quickness business applications by 60%, multitasking by 100%, and data encryption by 300%. Among the initial new processor families to obtain benefit of these updates is the Xeon E3-1200 which Intel is calling the initial entry stage workplace platform that integrates “professional level graphics onto the processor.”


“Providing the right combination of technologies at the right time, the new Intel Core vPro processor family continues Intel’s advancement in performance, security, and management,” Rich Echevarria, VP of the Intel Architecture Group, said in a statement.

The latest version of the platform, which is available with Intel’s new Core i3, i5, and i7 business chips, includes the third generation of the company’s Anti-Theft Technology.


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A Guide On The Best Gamer Headsets For Xbox 360 And Also The Very Best Xbox 360 Controller.

4912532358 ca7eeab507 m A Guide On The Best Gamer Headsets For Xbox 360 And Also The Very Best Xbox 360 Controller.
by Lena LeRay

For all intents and functions, the Sennheiser Personal computer 350 is one of the greatest gaming headsets out there and this write-up will detail why.

If you are heading to spend funds on a superior-priced item designed solely for enjoyment functions, then you want to make confident that make a clever decision. There are more affordable choices out there but the advantage of a Sennheiser Pc 350 is you know the business brand is trusted and there have previously been a slew of optimistic testimonials. Phrase-of-mouth is extremely essential in this business and just about no firm excels far more in this spot than Sennheiser. They don’t make low-cost merchandise that are flimsy or will drop apart on you whether we’re speaking about headphones for Television or a gaming headset.

This merchandise delivers high quality sound that you can change to your own personal preferences. That suggests you will have the advantage of currently being in a position to concentrate on what is absolutely crucial in terms of your unique gaming knowledge. These days when you have the perfect set up, you can truly get into video video games like never ahead of. And let’s not neglect the actuality that it’s not all about own enjoyment considering that there are periods when you are competing with other human gamers as well. This feature has added an solely new dimension to modern day amusement, and there are some video games that you can’t do well at not having suitable communication. The benefit of a beneficial wireless gaming headset is that you will be in a position to converse with your teammates or rag on your competition – each extremely crucial aspects that can give you an benefit.

A great gaming headset ought to supply reliable overall performance while providing you sound that truly blows you away. They are not often low-cost and you need to expect to commit at minimum $ a hundred, and often additional, on a very good product or service. But the excellent news is you often get price for your revenue when you stick with a trusted producer that has been in the business for a very long time. 1 headset will also very likely final you for numerous years to arrive so it’s not some thing that you have to constantly upgrade any few months. That signifies if you game on a consistent foundation, the acquire of a good wireless gaming headset will spend for alone finally.

If you don’t have a gaming headset you are significantly lacking out on some experiences you could only get though putting on a headset. You can even get an extra bonus battery pack for some headsets that are terrific for making use of with household theater models.

The new plug and play headsets provide terrific choices for gamers. Surround sound so up close and personal that you can have the sport as loud as you want it without disturbing anybody else in the room at the identical time. They are light fat and generally come with a cord adjuster and quantity manage. They even have versions that have detachable microphones that can be taken off with just a very small little tug or popped back again on with a compact snap.

Charlie Bullock is a effectively knowntechnologies reviewer. He has not too long ago started to emphasis on the Console Gaming niche, and is known for his straightforward, honest assessments which support all sorts of gamer. Test out his gaming site right here: Leading Gaming Headsets – A Analysis Of The Phone of Duty: Black Ops Dolby Gam

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How to Fix a Slow Computer

Computers are great when they are running fast… you can do all sorts with them, from playing games to watching movies and doing work. However, when they start running slow, they end up becoming annoying and frustrating. It’s a big problem, with millions of slow running computers throughout the world… but luckily, there’s an easy solution that even a beginner can do.

To fix a slow PC, you need to hit the problem at the root cause. And the root cause for almost all computers is a part of your system called the ‘registry’. This is the central database for your system, and is where everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper are stored. Essentially, if your computer needs to ‘remember’ anything, it does it thanks to the registry. This makes it an incredibly important part of Windows, but also one that is vulnerable to problems.

You see, since the registry is so important, Windows *needs* to continually access the files inside it. Every time you use your PC, Windows is actually reading and editing 100′s of registry files. Unfortunately, this means that your computer accidentally makes many of these crucial files corrupt or damaged, which makes your computer take longer to read them, which slows your PC down. And with a typical Pc harboring 1,000′s of these corrupt files, it can actually make your computer run very slow over time.

So to fix this problem, and to make your computer run faster, you just need to be able to fix all the bad files in the registry. However, because the database is home to 100,000′s of files, this is a very tough task for anyone to do manually, so we need to rely on tools called registry cleaners to do it for us.

These tools have been specifically designed to clean out all the bad files from your computer, to speed it up. And by using one on your own PC, you can actually make your computer a lot faster.

We’ve found that the best registry cleaner for stopping your computer from being slow is one called RegCure

How to Troubleshoot PLC Hardware

5873874360 75bbc80014 m How to Troubleshoot PLC Hardware
by Cyberslayer

The programmable logic controller, more commonly known as the PLC, plays a role in almost every automated manufacturing process. The PLC is an electronically programmable device capable of almost infinite combinations of relays, contacts, and timing circuits used to control industrial machinery of all types and sizes. It is essentially a computer designed to withstand a harsh manufacturing environment. It was designed to replace complex system of relays, cam switches, and other electromechanical circuits. The first PLC’s were introduced in the late 1970′s and they continued to grow in popularity since the day of their release.

PLC’s are produced today by numerous major manufacturers including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Koyo, Fuji, Telemecanique, and Mitsubishi as well as a host of others. The programming of the PLC is performed through proprietary software produced by the specific manufacturer. Software among PLC’s is not compatible and the logic programming, although it is very similar, has many subtle differences across the different brands. The program stored in the PLC is called the ladder logic program. Problems in the ladder program can become quite involved and that is an entirely different subject altogether. Hardware problems however, are fairly similar and can be easy to diagnose if you know a little about the particular model and it’s input and output configuration.

Hardware failure of the brain, or main processor, is rare. It can be easily diagnosed visually most often by an illuminated fault indicator on the face of the PLC. An internal power supply failure would be a possibility if the PLC screen or power indicator were not lit and the technician verified that the correct voltage is applied to the power terminals.

Some PLC’s are equipped with an internal fuse which can also fail. These problems are not quite as common as a failure of an input or output terminal.

Inputs and outputs are available in multiple configurations and voltages. Both AC and DC are available separately and sometimes in the same unit. These input/outputs can be both digital and analog and can be configured as a transistor output or as a dry relay contact. On both the input and output side it is critical to determine the specifications of the PLC first. Having the appropriate PLC software available at the time of troubleshooting is also necessary.

The first recommendation would be to compare the illuminated inputs and outputs against the software in real time. An illuminated input not displaying properly as an energized input in the software is an indication of a failed or open input terminal. On the output side, an illuminated terminal not conducting the proper output voltage can mean one of two things, the output has failed in an open position, or an improper voltage is being applied to the common output terminal. The only way to verify this would be through the use of a multimeter set on the proper voltage scale.

Overall, PLC hardware troubleshooting is not complex, yet it needs to be approached in an orderly fashion because both hardware and software are required to work in harmony for a PLC to perform its intended tasks.

Chet is an longtime associate of the Obsolete Industrial Parts, an informative site dedicated to locating obsolete industrial parts including obsolete plc hardware, servo motors, prox switches, and a host of other parts. Their official website is owned and operated by Val Marketing of Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

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