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by Will Lion

It’s a pretty common connotation of mobile homes that they aren’t up to par with regular site built homes. People tend to think that they simply aren’t up to par with the traditional site built homes, and I wanted to cover why I disagree with this connotation. People tend to think that Austin mobile homes won’t last as long, and that statement simply isn’t very accurate. These statements, accusations, and negative connotations are far from the truth – let me go into detail.


When looking at a mobile home, the quality is always argued. People tend to have a bad connotation towards manufactured homes – this statement is simply inaccurate. Austin mobile homes offer great quality and durability when compared to traditional site built homes. Typically, mobile home trailors won’t make it to one hundred years; that statement could almost be inferred. However, a well maintained manufactured home can last for quite a while. In fact, studies show that a year round occupied manufactured home could be “habitable” and usable in excess of 55 years! That’s a good bit of time for a mobile home, or any home. Austin mobile homes have the power to last for quite a while!


When looking at advantages of Austin mobile homes, you have a good bit to look at. One of the large benefits to owning an Austin mobile home would be the financial perks that come with ownership of a home. For example, Austin mobile homes owners don’t have to purchase the land plots that the homes come with, they just have to lease.

In most cases, this saves the owners quite a bit of money! In addition to that, Austin mobile homes owners get to dodge the taxes that regular traditional homes would have to pay. When a home owner gets to dodge purchasing the land and paying for taxes on it, financial life could be a bit easier to say the least! In addition to that, Austin mobile homes are much more inexpensive than traditional homes. In fact, on average Austin mobile homes cost about 55% of traditional site built homes per square foot. That’s a lot of money to be saved right there! Imagine that – buying a home at a very inexpensive rate, not paying for the land, and not paying the taxes on land. A home owner could definitely get used to pocketing that kind of change each month.


Stating just the financial benefits could be enough to entice someone to purchase Austin mobile homes, they are just much more inexpensive overall when buying a home. They can also be good for pretty much anyone. Whether you’re just getting out on your own, just starting a family, or want to finally become a home owner – Austin mobile homes could help your situation! Living within the Austin communities could also be pretty nice as well. These communities offer quite a few benefits such as lush country like environments, pools, clubhouses, gyms, parks, playgrounds, large lots of land to have, the list goes on! It is simply a good bet to purchase Austin mobile homes, they offer great benefits!


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